Monday, December 7, 2015

Sweet Baby Zombie Jesus ?!

Cops Fine Zombie Nativity Scene $500 a Day As ‘War on Christmas’ Protesters Freak Out
So this guy puts up a ZOMBIE NATIVITY SCENE and everyone FREAKS OUT. Typical.
OK look, here are my thoughts...
Dude has the right to freedom of expression, speech, etc... so if he wants a nativity scene of a zombie theme then MORE POWER TO HIM. The town is making a BIG DEAL over nothing. People love the strange and unusual, they should EMBRACE HIM not try to stifle his creativity.
This is the problem with society today... they think things can only be ONE WAY... ONE NATIVITY SCENE FOR ALL... no. We can have zombie nativity scenes, or Star Wars Nativity scenes... WHY NOT? Isn't this America? Isn't this where we are to be FREE? Then stop trying to ruin a dude's Christmas and let him do his thing. It's suppose to be the SEASON of giving... instead ya'll got a giant STICK stuck up your asses. GROW UP and let people have their fun. Damn.
Personally, I think it's creative and fun. Why the FUCK not? I mean we all see the boring nativity scenes every year... same ol' same ol'... why not a Zombie themed one?
And in NO WAY is this saying anything bad or hurting anyone... this is a man just expressing himself creatively. This isn't a "fuck you" to religion or "War on Christmas". Get over yourselves. Damn. This is just about being himself. Allow a person to BE THEMSELVES. Don't try to stifle people into doing and believing the way YOU DO! FREEDOM OF BELIEFS FOR ALL!
I think the city owes him an apology and a refund. Stuck up morons.


  1. I'm sick people trying to take the fun out of Christmas in so many ways! You can't say "That" on tv don't put "That" in your window! Screw off world of haters I will do what I wish! PS I love the Zombie baby that's fun and god help me because I'm a Catholic boy!

    1. Well said my friend. People DO take the fun out of Christmas by the way they act. With this it is people simply trying to CONTROL. It's a sad day when a zombie baby jesus plagues the world so much. To me it isn't offensive in the least I think it's creative. Always looking for something DIFFERENT and UNIQUE especially HORROR THEMED Christmas. This dude hit the nail on the head. You see they were not mentioning MARY and JOSEPH being ZOMBIES.... they MENTIONED JESUS... so it was a religion thing too but they were trying to sneak that in quietly without stirring the pot of "It's the reason for the season" when Jesus wasn't even born in December. *rolls eyes*

  2. This really bugs me. Is this guy getting all up in his neighbors' grills, telling them to take a good long stare at his zombie nativity scene? No. Is he setting up multiple zombie nativity scenes in everyone's backyard without their consent? No. You're absolute right: This guy is doing NO HARM to anyone in the town, and the only crime he seems to be guilty from is a refusal to conform to what other people imagine nativity scenes to be. The town's leaders don't own the rights to the Catholic faith and all associated imagery, so they ought to stop acting like it.

    1. I totally agree with you, he isn't shoving it down their throats. Some people just want to control everything. It's stupid.


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