Saturday, December 19, 2015

Martha's Movie Reviews: Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens


So if anyone who is anyone knows me... I lived, breathed, BLED Star Wars for the majority of my life. I was a HUGE HUGE HUGE Star Wars nut. When the prequels came I saw Phantom Menace 23 times... yea, I love Star Wars. The Force Awakens will NOT get that privilege.
The Force Awakens gets me saying... I am done with Star Wars. Why? It's just not the same. I walked in with low expectations.... and I got the shock of a lifetime... it fell under that and with some turns in the plot made me question what I've wasted my ENTIRE LIFE following... a movie that is now SOLD OUT. Look at all the ad placements all over for Star Wars... it has sold out big time and with the movie ... I just see it for what it is now.
We waited all this time... I kinda had a feeling about the major plot moment and I kinda knew it would happen, just call it a GUT FEELING from a trained Star Wars fan. Once that MAJOR PLOT moment happened, I wanted to WALK OUT OF THE THEATER. All this movie is about a whole lot of nothing... I was disappointed and honestly this saddens me.
I wanted to like it. I wanted to like it like I wanted to like PHANTOM MENACE (which I did and I don't care who says it's crap... it's NOT that fucking bad... there are worse ways to go than Phantom Menace).
I don't like The Force Awakens. I am sorry fellow Star Wars fans. I've been a fan for 38 years... but I bid Star Wars adieu with this one.
Disney and Abrams killed Star Wars.
Ok There are a few saving graces...
the little robot android... he was cute.
the first appearance of Han
the reuniting of Han and Leia
the Resistance fighter Poe was good
That's about all I liked.
Martha's Official Rating
Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens
3 out of 5 Stars

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