Thursday, December 3, 2015

Martha's Food Reviews: Taco Bell Boss Nachos

SO I went into Taco Bell and saw a NEW Nacho featured called BOSS NACHOS.
Naturally being the NACHO enthusiast I am.... I got them.
When I got mine these are what they what they looked like...
Not too shabby. Looks good doesn't it?
Well it is.
However, it is NOT worth the price for just the nachos which is almost $6 and only covers the Nachos (no other food just nachos and to add a drink is $1). Now for $1.29 I can get those awesome nacho chips and the killer cheese without all the other stuff that was on these nachos (a double portion of meat, guacamole, reduced fat sour cream, plenty of nacho cheese sauce, and of course pico de gallo). It is fully loaded but only the pico de gallo and guacamole are really the only things that changed from the typical NACHO BELL GRANDE that is ALWAYS on the menu. The BOSS NACHOS are not that different really than the MONSTER XXL NACHOS Taco Bell offered not too long ago.
SO my verdict. The nachos are AWESOME... but not for that price.
I'd rather stick to the simple and get something I love without all the flair.
I can't fault the nachos though... the guacamole is awesome, the sour cream is always good, the cheese awesome, the meat is a little too much meat for me, the beans always end up in one scoop in the middle and are just stuck there.... kinda gross actually, the pico de gallo isn't great... I'd rather just have tomatoes added and skip the fancy stuff, the shredded cheese is ok... but I could live without that, and as always the chips are AWESOME.
Would I buy it again?
If I am ONLY wanting nachos and not a taco too, probably.
Would I rather have the plain ol' nachos & cheese... definitely.



  1. I'm a fast food cheapskate! But this does look good I just would never spend 6 bucks. Yeah, I'm weird.

    1. I like to eat good for a cheap price. While this is a good value because it is HUGE it just isn't as good and cheap money wise as just the plain 1.25 nacho and cheese. I am so picky. lol


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