Best/Worst of 2015

As we say goodbye to 2015, it's time
for the BEST and WORST lists of 2015.
Without further hesitation...
or procrastination,
here is MY best and worst of 2015...
  • Erin isn't sick anymore. It was really great that Erin's extreme sickness was over ... shame it was at the expense of a leg.
  • Erin got a prosthetic leg. A nice prosthetic dealer is helping Erin get and maintain a prosthetic leg. I was so glad that Erin got back on his feet and is doing SO well.
  • Jellybean was born. My smelly jelly... she's not really smelly. Sweetie had Jelly and I was so happy to welcome a new addition!
  • Echo was born. Puddin' surprised the HELL out of me by giving birth to my Echy Smecky. I love my little girl. She's perfection.
  • Tootie, Vincent, Khan, and Poe were born. In November we welcomed the 4 Kittens of the Apocalypse birthed by Sweetie. The cutest little fuckers EVER! So cute... they have to be evil. LOL.
  • Cookie and Finn were born. Bama followed a few weeks later and had the cutest kitten in the world and the sweetest little boy in the world.
  • Getting put on DUO NEBS FINALLY! I was thankful my NEW doctor listens and put me on duo nebs 4 times a day! YAY!!!!
  • Selling Mountaineer. I was glad to be rid of it. It was a constant reminder of my ex. When it broke down I wanted to fix it but I just didn't have the money. I sold it to someone who fixed it the NEXT DAY and had it working perfectly.
  • Driving Dad's Truck. I was hesitant to use Dad's truck. It had been sitting in my yard since his funeral... it was DAD'S TRUCK... I didn't want to sell it, move it, think about it cause it meant Dad wasn't driving it. When the Mountaineer broke down I had NO CHOICE but to use the truck and let me say, I LOVE THIS FUCKING TRUCK. It's the BEST VEHICLE I'VE EVER OWNED and DROVE. I am extremely happy with it. Thanks Dad... I'll take good care of him! I promise.
  • Not very cold this winter. For this I am thankful. We don't have central heat or any heat that runs through the house so we use a little heater my Mom had. Thankfully it hasn't been that cold. Alabama weather... go figure.
  • The kindness of strangers. Thanks to the kindness of strangers this year... the lady who bought Erin and I lunch at the China Palace, the guy who gave me 2 tires for the truck, the people who helped me when I got graffiti on my truck, the 2 gentlemen who gave me a nice refrigerator for free, and many others who have donated and been kind to a girl who is TRYING HARD to make it in this world but doesn't have the best of luck.
  • Spending Thanksgiving with Erin and his family. I really enjoyed this. I am used to people being critical of me and making fun of me or poking jokes at my expense during this kind of ordeal (ex: ex in laws) but thankfully that wasn't the case. Just good food and a nice visit. Thank you all so VERY much.
  • 6 New Tattoos. Undertaker Symbol, Spade, "Monster", Dragon & Skulls, Heartbeat Heart Attack Survivor, & 1 Up Mushroom. Awesome. I love my new tats. Almost Completely half sleeved now. Every tat has a meaning and I am proud to display them on my arm.
  • New Glasses might not be happy with how they feel sometimes but overall I can see better and it's the first pair in years (my ex wouldn't let me go to get new ones since around 2003).
  • Got a Flu and Pneumonia Shot I am glad I did. I am prone to get Pneumonia so it was a relief I could get the shot. Getting my Flu shot also took a load off my mind. Now if I get sick I know it isn't Pneumonia or the Flu. YAY! 
  • Finding an AWESOME Chinese Buffet. I love China Palace. They have the BEST chicken on a stick, fried wontons with crab and cream cheese, and I love the General Tso's chicken (when they put it on the buffet).
  • Finding an AWESOME Mexican Restaurant. I love Las Cazuelas. You get a TON of food for a great price. The Super Burrito is MASSIVE. The enchiladas are to DIE for. Awesome place.

  • Elder Scrolls Online what a great game to follow Skyrim. I am totally enthralled. I can't stop. I've created several characters and I am just having a ball.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's discovered this horror gem this year. WOAH. What an awesome story and concept. I love it. Lots of people get scared but not me. I find it amusing.
  • Game Grumps. Discovered this motley crew this year. They've made me laugh all year long. For that, I thank them. They are the BEST of the BEST when it comes to gaming. Check them out on youtube.
  • Wii U with Mario Maker. OMG OMG OMG. You'll never hear from me again. J/K! Seriously though, Mario Maker is an awesome thing. I have been making levels and playing other people's levels... awesome thing. I am so glad I decided to get a Wii U. I've enjoyed it and Mario Maker... plus Mario Party 10, Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros. U/Super Luigi U, and Super Mario 3D World... I am excited for more and more on this console.
  • Xbox One I am so glad this is my MAIN entertainment source. I got it this year and it does EVERYTHING I need. I was so tired of the PS3... there was NOTHING really on it and the PS4 didn't appeal to me. I got the ONE and elder scrolls online. Best purchase ever. I couldn't ask for a better system. I love my WII U which I got 6 months later (just at the beginning of Dec. this year) but it's for Mario & Zelda games basically where as the ONE does my Netflix, WWE Network, Vudu, Hulu, Blu-Ray, and gaming. SO yea... Happy with this. MAJORLY!
  • The Babadook I was blown away by this movie. It's simple but effective and I was so very surprised at how much I truly liked it. It took me back to basic BOOGEYMAN type lore. I am always BIG on original monsters and urban legends.
  • Empire I am IN LOVE with this show. I love Cookie and her attitude. This is such a compelling show with all the twists & turns. I am looking forward to more of this show for a LONG time!
  • Gotham I LOVE GOTHAM SO MUCH. I am in awe of how well they write well known characters of Batman's world. I love Penguin and Riddler... I think Alfred is a bad ass. I even am a fan of their version of Catwoman as she comes into her own. Well done series that I am PROUD to be a fan of.
  • Ninja Sex Party. Was introduced this year to Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian... yea they're awesome. I can't wait for their cover album in 2016.
  • Hello by Adele this is a haunting song and I love it. I usually don't care for her but this song just spoke to me on so many levels.
  •  Pop Evil I discovered these guys this year. AWESOME! I love their songs. Lyrics are SO meaningful plus their orchestrations are spot on.
  • Finn Balor NXT Champion I was hoping for this. When he signed with NXT I told Erin that Finn was going to be champion before the end of 2015. I was right.
  • Undertaker's Return to face Brock Lesnar Anytime Taker returns, I am happy. But his return against Lesnar for revenge on ending the Streak at WrestleMania 30 while it was a year and a few months later... it was the way Taker executed it that made it one of the BEST things WWE had in 2015.
  • NXT Women's Wrestling It was awesome to watch the women of NXT in 2015. My GOD Sasha Banks was a HELL of a Champ for the majority of that time. When Bayley defeated her ... it was one of the best moments in women's wrestling... then the IRON WOMAN MATCH for the first time in HISTORY of WWE main eventing the PPV... awesome. I look forward to what the future holds in NXT women's division. Keep bringing it ladies.
  • Dean Ambrose INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. I wanted to see him win the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and he had several shots at it this year... but it wasn't in his destiny to win it... not yet. Instead, Ambrose finishes out 2015 as the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION. FUCK YEA! I love Ambrose. I love everything he does. He amuses me, makes me smile, makes me want to see more of him just to see what he's gonna do next. I adore this man. WWE ... TAKE NOTE. This is a Superstar WORTHY of the fans, praise, and all the belts he can win. MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • STING in WWE despite not winning at WrestleMania 31 and not really winning anything SIGNIFICANT in WWE yet, I am glad to see Sting in our ranks. Out of all the WCW alumni, I am proud to have him in WWE. He's an icon and a great wrestler. I just wish WWE didn't misuse him so.

  • Erin Lost a leg to diabetes He had known it was going to happen. We tried everything to save his leg but in the end... the infection was just too strong.
  • Getting Broncospasms that hospitalize me in April. I have bad asthma and now it has gotten to the point that if I get a little bit of a cold it turns into these broncospasms that make my lungs feel as if I can't get any air. All I have to do is get to a Dr. and get a steroid shot in the hip plus take duo nebs and some steroids by mouth for several days. Still... it sucks. Especially when it puts me in the hospital. Thankfully, it didn't do that but once this year.
  • Graffiti on my truck. Stupid kids drew dicks on houses around me but my truck got it too... never caught them. If I ever find out who did it... there will be hell to pay!
  • Locking keys in truck. One of my worst moments this year. I locked my keys in the truck while loading 4 20lbs bags (which I am not supposed to be doing cause of the stent in my heart) of cat litter into the truck, I turn and close the door look back and see my keys sitting on the dash... and the lock was down. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL. Cost $60 dollars. Highway robbery in my opinion. Bet I won't make THAT mistake again!
  • Missing Mom every single day. Someone says time heals all... fuck that. It will NEVER heal the loss of the one woman who meant the WORLD to me. I can't go an hour without her on my mind. I live... I do what I do... but she is still with me every step of the way. Time to time I break down. I try to stay strong. It's a hard thing to be the last one standing... I miss her so much.
  • Missing Dad... and his silliness. I cry for mom... but when I think of Dad I just smile. I laugh at the memories cause most of them are silly. Him singing his made up songs (That's where I get it from), him honking his horn at strangers, the silly things he'd do... he was one of a kind. Miss ya Dad.
  • WIFI Outages and Modem problems. Wifi stayed down a lot... goes out a lot. Modem that the company provided me keeps having to be reset at least once a day. It's B.S. if you ask me... and I am vowing that if it doesn't change in 2016 they are going to have a GOOD piece of my mind. $70 a month for this kind of service. It's crap I tell ya!
  • Cost of ramp. I won't say much... I just felt that as long as I rented it should have been provided by my landlord not me having to pay for it. But whatever. $180 and it's already falling apart.
  • Mountaineer breaking down. That was some scary shit coming down I65 and seeing FIRE shoot out from the front driver's side tire... axle broke. Thankfully and luckily I made it home with minimal damage to the truck and none to myself. Sold the Mountaineer later... so all in all it worked out.
  • The heat in the summer these summer electric bills are KILLING me. $300 a month. DAMN! Plus it's so hard to stay cool. I'm investing HOPEFULLY in an ice maker of SOME SORT this next summer and 2 more Wind Tunnel Fans. Less Air Conditioner and more circulating air.
  • Still no contact from blood relatives. Going on 3 years... "we'll keep in touch", yea right. I expected it from Mom's side cause they don't care about any body... but Dad's side... yea, that was a low blow. Oh well. It's their loss. I don't need them.
  • The Fridge going out That sucked. I had to go several months without cold food.
  • Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens First time I've been disappointed in Star Wars. Enough said.
  • No Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad yea I know they ended some time ago but damn it was hard to not have such great shows to watch ... nothing comes close to either of these.
  • Shows taking too long to get on Hulu/Netflix I think TV shows should be updated as fast as possible on these platforms. There is no excuse for some of them not being updated for months at a time. Hulu isn't as bad as Netflix but still, sometimes it takes Hulu forever to get a new show and when they do you have to RUSH to watch the first episodes cause they only leave them up for a limited time... that's B.S., they shouldn't take them down. I pay for Hulu, I should have access to that anytime, take it down for freebie users but for paying members, don't do that to us. And Netflix, it'll take them MONTHS to get new stuff. It's kinda getting to where it's almost not worth it to pay for the service cause there's nothing new. They'll have new things listed but it'll be things they released last month or two ago... those aren't NEW... get it together Netflix.
  • Death of Leonard Nimoy I was so very shocked and saddened by the loss of such a great man and a great talent. He will always be Spock to me... he adopted thousands of us via Twitter so he was my "granddad" (lol),
  • Death of Wes Craven. We lost an icon in the horror industry when Wes left us this year. Creator of GREAT horror like Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream... he was a great inspiration and an awesome guy.
  • James Best passed away. He was a hero of mine in my youth as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on "The Dukes of Hazzard"
  • Donna Douglas who played Ellie Mae on The Beverly Hillbillies died. I always enjoyed her on that show... sad she is gone.
  • No new Metallica Ugh... come on guys. Something? Please?!?!
  • 9000000000 whip nae nae videos it caught on... a little too good. LOL.
  • Taylor Swift can she just go away now... seriously.
  • Scott Weiland's death I thought perhaps he was past all the bad ... but sadly, he wasn't.
  • Death of BB King. The icon... what great music he left us with to remember him by.
  • for 3 months pepsi tasted strange to me. Yea this really happened. I don't know why it happened but every place I drank a pepsi (be it from fountain or a 20 ounce) it tasted like burnt pepper.
  • no general tso's on the buffet anymore this makes me sad. I love general tso's but they RARELY put it on the buffet anymore... I don't know WHY... they replaced it with bourbon chicken which has too strong of a flavor and isn't as good.
  • taco bell's limited time offers why can't some of them be full time. I love chili cheese burritos, volcano tacos/burritos/quesaritos, etc... does it REALLY hurt anyone to keep them on the menu for good? I think not.
  • price of milkshakes at SONIC $4+ for a milkshake. WHAT?!?!?! yea, it's a large but $4 almost $5 for a milkshake is unreal. I'll go to Steak N Shake instead. They got happy hour every day from 2 - 5 year round not just in summer.
  • Dollar Menus not having DOLLAR items. why call it a dollar menu when absolutely NOTHING you have on there is a dollar anymore. Seriously. McDonalds is SUPER guilty of this. They keep raising the prices on their "Dollar Menu" and nothing on it is a dollar anymore. False advertising. Plus what is up with damn Mozzarella Sticks now being at McDonalds? WHAT???? Come on. Really? Bet that works out as well as the WINGS you offered.
  • Walmart not carrying their BACON PIZZA in the Deli. Every time I go it's not there. I might see it one out of 30 times I go to Walmart. It's my FAVORITE of all the deli pizzas. Why do you have 200 pepperoni, supreme, cheese but NO Bacon???? Come on Walmart.
  • Halo 5 The story... just not what I expected or wanted. The playing as Locke... not what I wanted either. Their was a lot of GREAT things about Halo 5 but overall it disappoints.
  • PT aka Silent Hill Cancelled This is a reason I decided against PS4. PT was such a GREAT thing with SO MUCH potential... the next Silent Hill game. Sadly it was cancelled. Boo!
  • Cost of Mounts in the Elder Scrolls Online Store. OMG this is outrageous. A mount is the same price as a DLC. What the fuck?!?! All a mount equals is cosmetic looks where as a DLC is content. I don't think my character needs to ride a Lion, Panther, Tiger, or Bear for THAT much. Sorry.
  • Seth Rollins getting hurt Seth getting hurt was unexpected and really changed a lot of things in WWE. I didn't realize how much we as the WWE Universe NEED Seth until he wasn't there. Get Well Soon Seth. We miss ya!
  • Sami Zayn getting hurt what sucked about Sami's injury was that it happened when he had gained so much momentum and then bam... he was out. Hopefully he'll regain the momentum now that he's back.
  • Hideo Itami getting hurt I had looked forward to seeing SO much from Hideo in NXT then he got injured. I hope he returns soon.
  • Repetitive matches throughout WWE PPVs I can live with Cena vs Rusev and then the rematch but then it happens not twice but four times across four pay per views... GOD DAMN IT WWE. ENOUGH. You don't have to keep making us sit through the same match 4 times in a row... we get the picture. Fuck. Change it up some. I know not all 4 matches were the same but damn... it was like beating a damn dead horse over and over and over and over again. It wasn't just Cena and Rusev. It was Cena and Owens, Ziggler and Rusev, and SO many more. It's like you have ran out of ideas... in that case hire some of us SUPERFANS like Frank the Clown, BrockLesnarGuy, or hell, even me and we'll show you what the WWE Universe REALLY wants to see.
  • Diva's Revolution in WWE I was all for it... but it fell flat. The way it's executed isn't ideal. It's approached all wrong and instead of making the Divas Division look STRONG its making it a joke. Poor form WWE.
  • Misuse of superstars. Bray Wyatt. Need I say more. The misuse of Wyatt started when he first faced Cena... over and over and over... but then it was like creative didn't know what to do with him after that. Throwing him here and there into various stories that fell short with numerous superstars. Damien Sandow... he had a HUGE moment at WrestleMania 31 then.... poof.... what happened to Damien? Sting... I'll write more on him later, but he was misused so very much. This keeps happening to talented and worthy superstars... WWE fix this please.
  • Sting not winning his first match in WWE I was so PISSED OFF that it even esculated into a WCW vs WWE thing... that was uncalled for and shouldn't have taken place at all... it was like adding insult to injury. We already won against WCW... that's best left in the past. What the WWE Universe really wanted was to see Sting at WrestleMania... we got that... but we would have like to see him WIN. I guess Triple H's ego wouldn't let him lose to Sting. That and Vince probably didn't want a WCW icon to win at Vince's PPV of the year. Get over yourself WWE. Sting deserved to win his first match in WWE. He'll be in the Hall of Fame, that's for certain, but damn ya'll, let him win something SIGNIFICANT so he can look good going in there as a member of WWE not just WCW.
  • The whole Seth Rollins dick pic ordeal I laughed, I laughed some more, I still laugh to this day. Poor Seth, that's what happens when you sneak.
  • Hulk Hogan saying the "N" Word and getting thrown out of WWE I think WWE went about this all wrong. I still think they shouldn't have thrown him out of the Hall of Fame or erased him from history... they should have used Hogan as a spokesperson for Racism. They could've made MONEY from that. Instead, they fire him. As much as I dislike Hogan as a wrestler, I don't think he should have had that happen. He's an icon. When you mention wrestling a lot of people automatically think Hulk Hogan. WWE should fix this.
  • Death of Dusty Rhodes losing an icon like the American Dream Dusty Rhodes was heartbreaking. He was such a fun and kind person. Anytime I think of Dusty I just smile. He always had such a way of making you have a good time and feel good. One of a kind... he's missed.
  • Death of Rowdy Roddy Piper Piper was a personal friend of mine. We talked on Twitter from time to time. I loved Roddy. He was a great man. Loved his family. Loved wrestling. He helped people a lot more than most know. For me it was kind words when I needed it most. He encouraged me and lifted me up. I can never replace a friend like Piper. His loss broke my heart. He was awesome in WWE. An icon to be sure... he was the first BAD GUY I liked. The first show I liked on WWE was Piper's Pit. So many great moments... I will always treasure them all. Thank you Roddy. I love ya!

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