Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday Madness

2 new kittens brings up my cat count to 16 inside and 2 outside. Lord mercy... when did I become the crazy cat lady? Erin answered and said "AT BIRTH" LOL.
Taco Bell the nacho cheese you use... I LOVE LOVE LOVE
So I agreed to Thanksgiving at Erin's family's house.
FALLOUT 4 is AWESOME! I am enjoying playing.
Yea so I mentioned Bama had 2 kittens. She actually had 4. One died during birth another half a day later. At least this time Bama didn't have another Cyclops kitten or one with half the brain hanging out like last time.
Echo... quit biting me ALL THE TIME. Crazy kitten.
I have to stop all this drinking of COLA... right after these 100 Dr. Peppers.
Getting cooler out. I will NOT complain about the cool. I swore this summer I would not after all the fucking heat so now I have to keep my mouth shut or get called out on it.
Dear neighbor. Sitting in your car honking your horn for fun is FUCKING ANNOYING. You do nothing but annoy from your asking for cigerettes, the attack pit bull you have, to this honking of horns. Don't make Martha go evil on your ass cause if I go there... there's no coming back. Seriously. CHILL!
Microsoft dropped the ball on Backwards compatibility at the launch of it this week.
New dashboard on the Xbox One... killer. I like the layout. Time to play find the things you love because this shit comes with NO MANUAL.
I love how people promise they'll do something for you and don't. In case you didn't hear it ... I was being sarcastic.
Also love how someone says "I'll pay you the money I owe you on such and such day" then never shows or calls.
Ok eyeglasses. I will go to the eye dr. Monday... you win.

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