Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Madness

The insanity continues...

Thanks to the lady who paid for mine and Erin's lunch at China Palace the other day. We don't know you had NO idea you did this but THANK YOU for your random act of kindness.

Echo, you don't have to bite EVERYTHING.

4 kittens of the apocalypse... I can't wait to name you.

Seth Rollins injured, out of action for 5+ months, stripped of title... that sucks. I may not like Seth much since his betrayal of the Shield but I can't deny how talented he is and what a staple he's become for the WWE. He's had NO DAYS OFF and never missed a RAW up till now. Get Well Soon Seth, we'll see ya then!


Fallout 4... you guys won't see me for a while once I get this... Seriously, I will be occupied. It comes out Tuesday so prepare for a lack of MonsterMartha for a while. Been waiting for this title to drop for YEARS now... and I got mine preordered, paid for, and I am READY to play.

Truck... I am so glad the oil change that cost me $30 fixed all my freaking problems. I love you.

New Fridge... OMG you cool so good... so good that you actually FREEZE my drinks. Damn.

Dear Cell Phone... fuck you. What is your problem? You are lagging, freezing, etc... I know I've only had you a year but DAMN! I clear your memory, reload you, clean out things, put all my IMPORTANT things on an SD card yet you still act like you are gonna just ABANDON me. Please... don't just quit. Seriously. Da fuq?!?!

Dixon I am sorry Moxley is an asshole.

Moxley... quit being an asshole.

Fleckie, I love you.

Jellybean, I love you my pretty little lady.

Bama if you get any more preggers you will pop. I hope this litter survives and isn't deformed.

Erin's family wants to do Thanksgiving. I don't know what to do. It's a sad time of year for me from November to December. I just don't like being around people... wait... that's ALL THE TIME. But seriously, November 16th would have been my parents anniversary of marriage, December 22nd Dad Died in 2013, My baby died December 23, 1996... and Mom was a Christmas NUT (especially lights) so this time of year puts me in a funk... a huge DEPRESSING funk. I don't know what I'll do. Maybe let Erin go but I'll stay home... I'll have to see. Being off my Prozac for 2 months now... I am not operating on all faculties like I would like to be.

I miss Mom.

Survivor Series month. Damn. I love this PPV. WWE always has a GREAT PPV in Survivor Series. This month we are celebrating 25 years of the DEADMAN... my hero... THE UNDERTAKER! 25 years ago this man stepped foot into Survivor Series and blew me away. I was a fan INSTANTLY. I've followed the Undertaker through hell... and back. I would do it all again cause it was so totally worth it. I love you Deadman thank you for 25 years of some of the most KICK ASS matches, moments, and thrills of my life.

If you promise something, please follow through. I hate empty promises.

OMG The Secret Life of Pets... that movie trailer... OMG. I am so ready for THAT movie. It'll be fun.

My cats seem to like the Kit & Kaboodle better than that off brand the Tractor Supply store sold. So yea, $1 more for their happiness, small price to pay.

Playing a lot of the new Peak Games GIN RUMMY over on Facebook. Add me and let's play... My facebook name is MsMartha2u. I also play BINGO BLITZ, PUZZLY WORDS, TRIVIA CRACK, TRIVIA KINGDOMS, SPADES PLUS, & QUIZ UP. So look me up. If you ain't scare of a CHALLENGE from a TRUE gamer.

So are you gonna get Orsinium for ESO? I hear you ask... yes, eventually. Right now... I am all about the FALLOUT. So Orsinium will go on my back burner.

Also looking forward to the release of the LIST that will reveal what 360 titles Microsoft will allow for the Xbox One ... the first 100 title that will be playable on the ONE will be announced sometime this week. I can't wait.

I am watching a lot of YouTube videos about people playing P.T. (Silent Hills) and also my other favorite jump scare series FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS (which I plan on reviewing SOON). I just love to watch other people go nuts during these horror games. Awesome moments.

I also watch a lot of people play Mario Maker for the Wii U. I wish I had a Wii U and Mario Maker since Mario was one of my favorite games growing up... maybe one day.

See ya next Saturday, lunatics.

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