Friday, November 6, 2015

Martha's Game Reviews: P.T. (Silent Hills)

For those of you who DON'T KNOW.... P.T. Was a playable trailer released for the PS4 which set up the now cancelled (yea sadly) game of Silent Hills which was to feature Norman Reedus as the main character.

Now... P.T. was freaking AWESOME. Why? because it's just scary. Plain and simple.

You start out in a hallway and the hallway is on a loop. Strange things happen every time you loop. There are puzzles to solve and a story that unfolds.

Since P.T. has been also taken off the PS4 Network for you to download and play, copies of this are RARE... so I don't mind spoiling this fucking thing for you cause chances are if you played it you know all this and if you haven't you NEVER will... unless you have a friend who has it and even then it'll probably be spoiled already for you.


The radio tells a tale of 2 different families who were murdered by the FATHERS of the family.

One of the first SCARY moments we see is this door closed then it rattles then she appears.

The baby in the sink... this is freaky. It cries and in one scene rotation it talks.

She's coming for you...

At the base of the stairs above the door it says "Forgive me Lisa, There's a Monster inside of me".
Oh lord... what did he do? I hear you ask.... Well the story is simple. He killed Lisa cause had an affair and the BABY we see in the sink was not HIS baby... so he killed her thus making her a vengeful spirit... haunting and stalking you.
Ghost Lisa watches from above.

Solve more puzzles and get this... "I CAN HEAR THEM CALLING TO ME FROM HELL"
Who's calling? WHAT THE...

I still don't know what the fuck this fridge dangling and dripping BLOOD has anything to do with the story of if it's just there to freak you the fuck out. Dude killed Lisa, another kid (I think), and then hung himself in the garage if you listen to the story.

So anyway... solve the puzzle (I ain't tell you how... HA HA!) and then we get the trailer for Silent Hills featuring Norman Reedus which has now sadly been cancelled. It would have been a kick ass game if this is ANY inkling of what the gameplay would have been close to.

While P.T. isn't a FULL game and only a playable trailer (hence the P.T. duh.) it is still VERY enjoyable and very in depth. I loved it. I love trying to figure out where the jump scares are going to occur, the puzzle solutions, and the story behind it all.

I really would have LOVED to know more about the story and such in P.T.  I was VERY interested being the horror nut I am ... I wanted to know how the guy who killed Lisa came to that point, what the fridge meant, the numbers said on the radio meant and if the guy could come for you too... or what... All in all though... P.T. is very very good.

5 out of 5 1-ups

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