Sunday, November 1, 2015

Martha's Game Reviews: Halo 5 Guardians

When we left Master Chief in Halo 4, Cortana was supposedly DEAD and Chief went off somewhere... and that was that. When the little trailers and such started surfacing about Halo 5 we heard that we had to #HunttheTruth and find out why Master Chief had abandoned REASON and took off on his own making SPARTAN LOCKE hunt him.

The build up to Halo 5 was that Master Chief did something REALLY bad... and we had to hunt him as Locke... and finish it all. What we get as we play Halo 5 is not really hunting Chief so much as hunting the story itself.

Chief has reunited BLUE TEAM ... Frederic (104), Chief (117), Kelly (087), and Linda (058). They are all hunting CORTANA who has contacted the Chief again. Cortana is ALIVE! How she survived Halo 4... well I won't spoil that for you but OMG... I was so happy to hear her voice.
Spartan Locke's team is hunting Chief and the Blue team. The team consists of the NEW SPARTANS Locke, Buck, Tanaka, and Hale. 
You don't play as Chief so much... but you play most of the game as LOCKE. Sad, but true. Nothing game play wise really changes much from Halo 4. Pretty much the same thing...
Then we as Locke run into an old friend... THE ARBITER

Yea, Arby's back. We can't play as him but Locke's team helps him a lot as does Arby's team help Locke... Arby seems loyal to Chief too so that's kinda a nice thing to hear.
All through the game they mention Cortana... and she keeps luring Chief to her...
then we finally see her...

I won't spoil it all for those of you who haven't played and finished this part of the fight. Let's just say when the game ends... you are 99.9% SURE that this isn't the end of the fight. There WILL be a Halo 6... maybe even more than that depending on how far 343 takes this story.

I am glad 343 remembers what fans want. Even though we are not Chief for most of the game and that is disappointing, playing as Locke isn't all bad. The times we DO play as Chief are awesome... and seeing Arby again... just makes us hopeful we can play him in upcoming games (*HINT HINT 343*)

Halo 5 Guardians holds true to the Halo Universe... Halo fans won't love Locke... you're not supposed to... but they will enjoy the expansions on the Halo Universe as a whole. Look at the BIG PICTURE Halo fans... what 343 is giving us is MORE HALO... more things to play as and with. Where this leads us? Well, we'll all just have to wait and see.


4 out of 5 1-Ups


  1. Jared Degruise11/1/15, 9:52 PM

    They could have done so much more with the story line to prolong the campaign and make it even more thrilling to see what was going to happen, but, instead they left it all as a cliffhanger. The whole focus was set on multiplayer, which is a great way to unlock stuff, build your skills in competitions, and just have fun all around. I also have a problem with trying to block other people from talking while playing multiplayer. If they aren't on my friends list, then I don't want to hear them, especially if they are playing stupid music in the background. I give it a 4.5 out 5 because it's a great game with minor imperfections. I hope most of it gets fixed in the future.

    1. The multiplayer in Halo has always been good. I always enjoy it. Never have a complaint when it comes to it. My complaint about loud people, music and such is about people who play the game and is in no way Halo's fault. I just follow the person around until I can get them in the right position then I stick 'em with a bomb. BOMB. Then teabag. Done and done.


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