Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I was vandalized... I feel violated.

So I woke up this morning, took Erin to work, went over to Dollar Tree picked up some stuff including "Magic Gloves" (see instagram for more on that) and came back home. I then changed out all the litter boxes and went outside to check the OIL in the truck just to BE SURE cause I am driving over 200 miles tomorrow for Thanksgiving at Erin's parents. So, oil was ok. I noticed spray paint on my neighbor's house. I kinda giggled. It was this...

A very POORLY drawn penis and saying "DO DRUG IS COOL". I look over and see my other neighbor had this...

A BADLY drawn set of BALLS and some scribbles on her door. OK...

So I go inside my house to get BLUE (the outside cat) some food, when I come back out, I had backed my truck in, I see this...

Another BADLY drawn penis but on my truck. WHAT THE @*^&$^&*^&*%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cried. That was my DAD'S TRUCK. It's the last thing I own of his. The only thing I have that he VALUED... and now... they spray painted a PENIS on my truck. I had no idea how to proceed. I called the local police who rushed over. They were waiting on my call. Come to find out my landlord had already seen my truck but didn't BOTHER to tell me so the cops had been waiting ALL DAY for my call (it was around noon when this was discovered) so they could file a report. So yea, I said "I can't go to my guys' parents' house with a HUGE DICK on my truck". Cops laughed their asses off but I was in PANIC mode. They told me mineral spirits. I sighed. Money I don't have ... I need that money for GAS to Erin's parents house. So off I go to ACE HARDWARE (thankfully close to the house) and they were AWESOME to me! They walked outside with 2 different removers and tested the first one called GOOF OFF and it worked. I bought it (total of $10 and some change) and took it home and now my truck is back to normal. THANKS ACE HARDWARE AND GOOF OFF for helping me in a rather BAD situation ... you eased my mind and restored my truck... THANK YOU.

Now before I left to get the GOOF OFF, I found a spray can cap in my driveway. I didn't touch it so I yelled at the cops I found it and they were TOTALLY impressed. YAY for me. They took it as evidence and are gonna use it to see if they can fingerprint identify someone. I hope they catch them. 4 trailers, a house, and my truck got hit. Mine was the only PRIVATE property the rest my landlord owns.

SO if ANYONE in the CREOLA area knows who did this and can bring it to light... I will BE SO THANKFUL. I have no money to offer as a reward but I would love to nail the little bastards that did this. They DO NOT respect people or property and deserve punishment by the law.

Know what I'd love to do? Have them say they are SORRY to me and let me draw a penis on their face(s) and they'd have to wear it in public for a whole day! Then they'd have to rake and cut my grass for an entire summer to make it up to me.


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