Wednesday, November 11, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #11

History of the Brothers of Destruction

Let me tell you my thoughts on this. Kane and Taker have had a great backstory. Kane is Taker's baby brother. When The Undertaker or/and Kane (it depends on who's story you believe did what) burned the Funeral Home to the ground, Kane was inside. But Kane supposedly didn't die ...  the fire killed their parents and left Kane deformed.

Taker went on in life and did what he does... until Paul Bearer brought Kane to the WWE to face the Undertaker. We find out there that Paul Bearer is Kane's father but NOT Undertakers. Kane wanted revenge on Undertaker... and for years this has been a battle that made both KANE and THE UNDERTAKER have a great run.

I agree with one thing Kane said in this video, Without him, Undertaker wouldn't have had much of a story to him... and Kane made it better. He made Undertaker MORE relevant ... and I am glad for Kane. So thank you Kane for coming along when you did.

What I love most is when they DO unite and fight side by side as THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION because they are a force unlike anything in the WWE. No one can match them... and no one ever will.

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