Monday, November 9, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #9

One of my favorite things Undertaker ever did was during the Attitude Era.
He turned VERY VERY DARK... talked different, walked different, became THE LORD OF DARKNESS and lead an unholy band of WWE SUPERSTARS dubbed ...
In 1998... the Darkness rose...
Paul Bearer betrayed Kane and sided with Undertaker at the October PPV In Your House: Judgement Day. The next night on Raw Is War, The Undertaker announced the Ministry of Darkness and a "plague of evil" that would be unleashed on the WWF, thus making Undertaker a villain. The Undertaker continued to feud with Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Undertaker and Paul Bearer recruited the BEST to join the fight... The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Farrooq), The Brood (Edge, Christian, & Gangrel), Mideon, &Viscera.

Undertaker was very dark during this time... sacrificing people in the name of the Lord of Darkness. He would tie them to a "Undertaker" symbol and hoist them into the air. His theme music changed from the tradition GONG to him speaking a foreign DARK language and metal guitars grinding out the chords. Truly dark times had fallen on the WWE.

Sadly this wouldn't last.
The storyline took twist and turns and ultimately started a thing called "THE HIGHER POWER" which seemed to be directing what the Undertaker did... it was revealed later on to be Vince McMahon himself and thus ... THE CORPORATE MINISTRY was formed which consisted of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Farrooq, Bradshaw, Mideon, Viscera, The Big Boss Man, Triple H, Chyna, Rodney, and Pete Gas. Not long after all this came together it MERCIFULLY was phased out on August 2, 1999.

I loved the MINISTRY OF DARKNESS prior to the "Higher Power" & "Corporate Ministry" storylines. Undertaker being DARKER was awesome and I wish they had explored that side of him on his own MORE.


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