Wednesday, November 4, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #4

We can't talk about 25 years of the Undertaker without talking about the man who managed him for so long... the great PAUL BEARER.
Paul Bearer was the 2nd person to manage the Undertaker ... Brother Love was first. Bearer seemed like the perfect fit. If you saw Bearer, Taker wasn't far behind.
Carrying the famous URN, Bearer always proceeded The Undertaker down the aisles and stood ringside using the URN to harness the power of the Undertaker and help him win matches.
When he wasn't ringside with Taker, Bearer hosted one of the BEST segments in WWE history, The Funeral Parlor...
Eventually Bearer would turn on the Undertaker...
He would side with MANKIND against the Undertaker and after that.. Bearer brought in The Undertaker's brother KANE and that would be the fight of the ages, but all of that is another story.
What I want to really establish here is without Bearer in the early days... I don't think Taker would have made it... not with a manager like BROTHER LOVE. Bearer really added something to Undertaker's character. While Taker stood there, Bearer would talk with that voice... and Taker would close out the promo with "REST IN PEACE". It worked... and it was something magical.
On and off throughout the years, Bearer would appear by Undertaker's side...
Sadly, March 5th, 2013 we lost our beloved Paul Bearer. He will always be remembered as a guide, a manager, a mentor... a friend. We love you Paul... REST IN PEACE.

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