Sunday, November 22, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #22

Dream Matches I'd love to see Undertaker in...
Undertaker vs Sting
This is the fight everyone (INCLUDING Sting himself) wants to happen. Sting was loyal to WCW, Taker was loyal to WWE... what would happen if the two guys who pretty much were staples of the Attitude Era clashed? Sting was a mysterious figure, Undertaker is the Phenom... it'd be a fight to  remember and one of the most iconic that's for sure.
Baron Corbin vs The Undertaker
I know this would NEVER happen. Taker won't go back to the BAD ASS days which is fine but wouldn't it have been cool if Bad Ass Taker could face NXT upstart Baron Corbin? Both enter on a bike, both intimidating ... the LAST RIDE vs THE END OF DAYS. What a battle.
The Undertaker vs Finn Balor (as the Demon)
Lately (since becoming NXT champion) Finn hasn't called on his DEMON persona but wouldn't it be cool if Finn as his DEMON self would face off against the Phenom himself? It would be enthralling. The entrances themselves would be a battle... then the match. WOW.

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  1. would be cool to see the undertaker and sting wrestle.


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