Monday, November 2, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #2

The story is simple. I was around the ages of 13 or so when it was 1990. I loved WWE (it was WWF at the time) but I grew bored with it. The same ol' same ol'... Hulk Hogan champ, BLAH BLAH "say your prayers, eat your vitamins brother..." blah blah... and I was tired of it. I was ready to STOP watching wrestling. Sure I had some favorites at the time... Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Ultimate Warrior... but nothing like I wanted. I didn't have a HERO.

Survivor Series 1990. The Million Dollar Man promised a mystery partner in his team that would SHOCK us all... and then... HE ENTERED...

watch it here

From the moment I saw The Deadman... I knew he was something SPECIAL. He would change how people thought of WWE, how people acted in WWE, and he would be a dominating force that no superstar could ever match.

25 years later, I was right.

Taker has had lots of battles, lots of highs, lots of lows... but he has always been there. A conscience of the WWE... a force that all in the WWE eventually have to deal with, and hardly any survive the encounter (if you do you are changed).

His impressive streak at WrestleMania (we'll talk more about that later), his entrances, his attire, his attitude... the Phenom has been one of the BEST THINGS WWE EVER HAD TO OFFER.

When most superstars left for WCW during the Monday Night Wars in the Attitude Era, Taker stayed. He never once faltered. He was loyal... so I remained loyal... just like my hero. I never watched WCW because they didn't have my Undertaker so I wasn't going to be disloyal to the man who made me love wrestling again.

The storylines Taker was involved with over the 25 years has been a thrilling ride for me (even if I hated when the Ministry of Darkness became the Corporate Ministry ... would've been better to remain just The Ministry... whoever wrote that part should be shot).... but I have always took Taker's side... I've stood by the Deadman in good times, bad times.... and I am proud that 25 years later I can still say I AM AN UNDERTAKER FAN AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!

If he retires after Survivor Series or not... I can only say this... I was PRIVILEGED to be a fan of a man who showed the wrestling world what it is to be a TRUE powerhouse, a staple, a constant, and never once strayed from his principles or beliefs.
Whatever the future holds for the Deadman... this creature of darkness is right beside him... and always will be.
More Phenom to come....

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