Tuesday, November 24, 2015

21 Days of Gratitude DAY ONE

I guess I have enough of time now... I used to not have time in my younger years due to all the stuff I did with Music. When I was married to my ex I didn't have time because he sucked it all up. Now... I have lots of time to just be with myself and discover things about myself. I may not have much in life but I what I have is time and an abundance of it. Yet sometimes I do feel as if I don't have enough but doesn't everyone? I mean, we do things and more things then look back on the day and say... "HEY I wish I could have done more?!?!" but I guess that's not the point in this challenge.
I have so many idea so much I want to do but I am limited with funds. I guess that isn't the point of this challenge either. *shakes head* I don't know. I am trying here. I... *sigh* ok.

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