Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Madness

Thank you to the 2 men who donated a fridge to me. They gave me a REALLY NICE GE double door... I had a Maytag double door but it went out. These men came to my home and helped get it inside. I can NEVER express the gratitude I have for someone who DID NOT KNOW ME to give me a fridge without wanting anything in return. BLESS THESE MEN. I appreciate it so very very much and I am touched by the generous nature of strangers.
Neighbors, NO... NO. Just stop. No pit bulls that try to attack us... if it happens again, for the safety of my neighbors and myself, I will call the cops. Sorry. I am not against pit bulls if they are raised right but that one lunged at my other neighbor while she was in MY YARD. NO. That won't do.
If you say you are gonna give someone MONEY and claim "I am good at paying" then DON'T... you lied. I know shit happens but when it happens 2 ot 3 times in a row... yea.
Subway at the Shell... what do you mean no drinks just tea? and if that was tea... that was a special water flavored tea. Hate to say.
NO EMPIRE THIS WEEK. Awww. HELL naw. I gots to have my Cookie fix. Ya'll better be on next week or so help me... Imma go off on a bitch. LOL.
Bray Wyatt & family... LET UNDERTAKER & KANE GO or I'm coming for ya. You don't mess with my guys. And believe me when I say you don't want to have me show up.
Seth Rollins... you ain't holding that championship forever.
HALLOWEEN TIME BITCHES... what does that mean? 365 days till HALLOWEEN!!!!
I appreciate some of my cell phone, ipad, and xbox games doing little challenges and making Halloween themed games... THANK YOU ALL. You should run them all October long though.
WWE Supercard... update with some more NXT people. Please.
Bills, fuck you.
Stopped up nose... REALLY!?!?!
2 pregnant cats. Seriously. Before too long I'm going to have a kitty army that can take over the... wait... that might be a good thing. Total Cat Domination. Mmmm yea.

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