Thursday, October 1, 2015

Movie Talk: SAW SERIES

This is just a few thoughts on the SAW series as a whole.
I will be reviewing each movie individually.
Never has such a game been played...

7 Saw Movies... I know a lot of you are saying why watch 7 of the same thing.. Well it isn't. All 7 Saw movies tell a story as a whole. You should give each a chance. Put the pieces together... Besides, you have a lesson to learn after all you've witnessed at the hands of Jigsaw. Play the game... watch all 7 Saw Movies. Be amazed at the genius behind the plot that finally comes to a close. You will NOT be sorry.

I miss the yearly Saw movie... the games might be over... but the memory will ALWAYS remain (there are rumors that there is another in the works but take that with a grain of salt this is the internet after all). What a ride it has been. Saw, Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, Saw 5, Saw 6, and Saw The Final Chapter. We've taken quite a ride with the man they call Jigsaw. In the end, the journey was worth it.

I have never experienced such a cleaver plot that wrapped all the movies into one package. To understand all, you have to see all... then you will know all. What amazes me through the entire series is that Jigsaw had this ALL planned out from the beginning. He left nothing undone. No stone unturned. No person without their redemption. Everyone played the game. Not everyone won their game. Some lost badly. Others got a healthy dose of reality and learned to appreciate life.

Live or die.

It was their choice.

And chose they did.

In the end, Jigsaw himself shed NO blood. He hurt no one. No one died by his hands. They died by their own choices. All Jigsaw did was helped them. In the end, Jigsaw got what he wanted. They'd make a choice. They'd learn a lesson one way, or another.

And after 7 movies of this... THE "BAD GUY" won... so to speak.

But what DID Jigsaw win? He died back in movie 3. What could he possibly have WON from all the games that continued after he was dead?

Perhaps it was the satisfaction in knowing even though he was gonna die one way or the other (from his disease or from the hands of someone be it a cop or someone else seeking revenge for the lessons he was teaching them)... all this would one day come to a close and that the lesson would be learned, everyone will have gotten "educated" and made their ultimate choices (with their fate being in their own hands), and that even though he wouldn't be there to SEE the ending ... perhaps just KNOWING the genius of it all made John Kramer aka Jigsaw happy/satisfied.

In my book, Jigsaw is one of the smartest horror movie "villains" of all time. Setting up a game that lasted THAT long... that had EVERYONE he could have possibly thought to need a "REALITY CHECK" in it and for it to play out EXACTLY as he predicted down to that final moment... that is what makes the Saw series work on SO many levels. Add in all those beautifully constructed and interesting TRAPS... and you have one of the BEST MOVIE SERIES in HORROR GENRE EVER.

Thank you to all the actors who starred in this wonderful series.

Thank you to everyone who made this series possible.

Thank you to those who wrote and came up with EVERY detail in each movie to make it SO perfectly laid out.

and finally...

THANK YOU JIGSAW for never letting it get dull one moment over the course of seven movies, for keeping it SMART, and for having so much fun playing a game.

And what a game it was.


I will respond when I can. Thank you for your opinions and comments.