Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Horns

 Trailer is here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8s_1UcdoNI

This stars Daniel Radcliffe. Yea, THAT Daniel Radcliffe... Harry Potter himself. Believe me when I say this... this is NOT Harry Potter. No where NEAR Harry Potter. This movie made me respect the FUCK out of Daniel. He did such a GREAT GREAT job with this. It is one of my top 20 horror type movies.

Classic story... Boy loves girl... he loves her SO VERY much... but girl dies. Leaving boy to grieve. However, he gets blamed for her murder. One he did NOT commit. He still dreams of her...

One morning he wakes up with HORNS... it's kinda funny to watch how he reacts to his transformation. The horns grow... they begin to give him powers and rightly so, this freaks him out.
His best friend is also his lawyer ... and he's trying to help but it's not working. Needless to say Daniel's character finds out some stuff he wishes he hadn't ... and in the end, he has to make a choice.

He then decides to EMBRACE the horns... and the powers they offer. That's where I got excited and it got REALLY GOOD.

What happens... well... I'll provide some of the photos but to REALLY know the story you are going to have to watch this AWESOME fucking movie for yourself.

 Anyway the ending is surprising and very well, bittersweet, that's all I will say.


I don't care if you like Daniel or dislike him... SEE THIS MOVIE. It's a great movie. Great effects, awesome acting, and the story is awesome. Good enough to classify as a horror. Good enough for guys to convince the girls to watch cause of the ROMANCE in it. It's a great one... and movies like this only come along ONCE in a lifetime. Don't pass this one up.

5 out of 5 Bloody Eyeballs


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  2. I liked this movie too! It was pretty unique and totally different for Danielle Radcliffe. The other kind of twisted one he did is Kill My Darlings.

    Miss Wicked

    1. Daniel has a huge range. He's gonna be a great actor throughout his life if he continues. I really enjoyed seeing his darker side. He was AWESOME... I thought I'd have problems seeing past Harry Potter but I didn't.


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