Saturday, October 31, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Maniac (2012)

So yea it's Elijah Wood... Frodo Baggins himself... I didn't wanna think of him as Frodo so I went into this movie saying "he's a twisted fuck, Martha, remember that"... what I got was one of the BEST performances I've ever seen.

Elijah plays a serial killer who cuts the scalps off of women and attaches them to mannequins in a shop his late mother owned (she's now deceased). He isn't good with people in real life so he does this to form his own companion of sorts.
I have to admit it was hard to think of Elijah as anything but Frodo who took me on a journey a few years earlier that drained me of life... I loved Elijah as Frodo... and to think of him in this way was definitely a different experience. But Elijah is such a deep and expressive actor that he made this character his own... and was EXTREMELY believable.
There are times when you look into his eyes and it looks PAINFUL to be how he is... then you can see the loneliness, the despair, the torment... Elijah takes you on a journey with the way his eyes dance through every scene, how he carries himself, and the calculated way his character kills.
This is a remake of the 1980's film Maniac. I've never seen it... truthfully I wouldn't have seen this one if it wasn't for the fact Elijah was in it. But I am glad I did and you will be too... SO give it a chance.

5 out of 5 Bloody Eyeballs
This ends the 31 Days of Horror.
Wow. We made it. 31 Days of Horror.
I am glad I could do this.
Thank you all for the support, comments, love...
Remember, keep it ghastly my beloved ghouls.
Till next year...
*closes the casket*


  1. Hope that you have had a great Halloween , dear Lady Martha....

  2. It was pretty uneventful dear dr. Hope u had a good one

  3. enjoyed all of your reviews, thanks.


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