Thursday, October 29, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Oculus

Kaylie and her brother Tim reunite after his years in the Mental Hospital after 10 years due to the demise of their parents. Seems Kaylie has been researching the "MIRROR" that was in her Dad's study when she was a child and she has a theory that it is the cause of their parents deaths.
They both have flashbacks of how their father became obsessed with the mirror often locking himself in his study with it and telling them not to bother him or EVER go into that room.
While we see flashbacks we also hear Kaylie tell Tim the stories behind the mirror and how she searched till she found it. The story becomes clear and the mirror shows it's true intentions... which are quite frightening.

A lot of people didn't like Oculus but I thought it was a great story... kinda a twist almost on a Bloody Mary-ish/Candyman-ish tale with a really great cast and some really interesting interwoven stories of the mirror's journey to this point.

4 out of 5 Bloody Eyeballs

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