Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: SUCK


Suck was an awesome movie. I had low expectations. Usually these kind of horror/comedies are a dime a dozen and very low budget... usually to the point of making them unwatchable. Unless they have a high budget, these films are usually easily forgotten. But SUCK should NOT be one of those. It is highly enjoyable. It makes fun of vampires while being about vampires. I love the humor it conveys. It's not serious but it isn't overly slapstick either. The music is also GREAT.

With it's unknown but great acting cast, the LONG LONG LONG list of cameos from the likes of people like ALICE COOPER, HENRY ROLLINS, IGGY POP... and SO many more, and the great storyline/writing SUCK does what most horror comedies don't ... DELIVER.

In an age where Vampires have become SO popular thanks to teeny bopping Twilight fans (ick), it is refreshing to see a comedic vampire that you can laugh at but still like.

I recommend this movie to all who love to laugh, rock (cause it is filled with awesome music), and who want to see something than the NEW stereotypical vampires a'la' twilight.

Suck is a MUST see.

4 out of 5 Bloody Eyeballs


What type of vampires do you like?

The kind like in Twilight (Sparkly)
The Kind like Louis and Lestat in Anne Rice books/movies
The Kind like Nosferatu (ugly and evil)
The Kind like Count Dracula (romantic and sophisticated)
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