Friday, October 2, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror: Movie Review - The Babadook


Going into this movie, I heard that people LOVED it but I am always skeptical when people praise a horror movie... usually it one of those kind that you can't really consider horror but The Babadook surprised even me... by being totally freaking AWESOME!!!!
Amelia is a single mother having lost her husband to a car crash on the way to have her son. Her son has problems... that is evident from the beginning of us meeting him. He's a strange boy... but as it progresses... it becomes even more strange it feels at times that the boy is unhinged.
One night Amelia lets her son pick a book for her to read him and he picks up THE BABADOOK. Amelia doesn't know where this book came from but she proceeds anyway.
The book is strange... and then takes a turn for the morbid. Amelia has enough and stops reading. However her son is constantly mentioning the Babadook being REAL for the next several days. Amelia hides the book... it reappears and is even MORE terrifying...

Amelia tears up the book even burns it but the book returns ... her son is acting even more strange... but then Amelia starts seeing things... things that can't be explained. Then she sees it...

What happens from there is a tale of a strange creature invading... trying to kill or possess... or a combination of both. Amelia fights for her son and her own life... and in the end... we are surprised by the outcome of this story.
The Babadook is a great movie introducing a new creature that we really don't "know" about. Almost mythological in nature... not urban legend but more like a story you hear as a child to scare you into doing something right. It's one of the kind of monsters that you've never seen before but yet, The Babadook feels familiar, almost like a boogeyman but not actually being the boogeyman.
To me the Babadook looks inspire by both LON CHANEY'S 1927 movie LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT character and THE MAN WHO LAUGHS in 1928 played by CONRAD VEIDT.

The Babadook is an awesome story ... could even be considered one of the great spooky stories ever. These are the kind of stories I loved as a child... an unexplained monster coming from the shadows and he always wins... he'll NEVER stop. That's what makes this an awesome movie. Definitely see this one.

5 out of 5 bloody eyeballs


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