Friday, October 16, 2015

Martha's 31 days of Horror - Movie Review: Last Shift



Rookie police officer Jessica Loren has been assigned the last shift at a closing police station and must wait for a hazmat crew to collect biomedical evidence. Ordered not to leave the station under any circumstance, Jessica comes to learn that it’s more than just an outdated station, its home to the ultimate embodiment of evil and his devoted blood thirsty followers. Jessica is left to fend for herself in the Devil’s playground.

Jessica goes through hell in one night of being a cop on "security guard duty" at the old precinct while all the other cops are at the new one. It starts with a homeless man peeing inside the precinct, a call coming in with a girl asking for help, and then... truth starts being revealed about Jessica's father who was also a cop at this precinct.
Strange things keep happening... and we meet Paymon and his crew of deranged killers.
They killed girls... and Paymon claims to be the first in hell before Lucifer... making him KING OF HELL!
They were captured, interrogated... but then Paymon and his 2 followers commit suicide...
Obviously, Paymon... came back...

This movie is AWESOME. I love stories like this about people who are in a cult, take it too far, and do things off the wall... but this one also involved the mythos of HELL... and who is running it.
The effects were killer, the cast was awesome, this is a MUST SEE for any and ALL horror fans.
4 out of 5 bloody eyeballs

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