Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Godzilla 2014


So ... another remake of Godzilla. I was excited for this movie because I am a huge lover of the original Godzilla and all the films that followed up to the one made in 1998 that still pisses me off. It has it's moments but I really hate some of the concepts and feel it strayed from the path of what Godzilla really is. Now this new remake comes along in 2014... and finally Godzilla looks like what you'd really think he should.

Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad) stars as a man researching some disasters when his estrange son reunites with them and they are thrown into this whole mess.... there are these creatures called MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) that are just causing mass Chaos.

Early on though, sadly, Bryan Cranston's character dies... sorry... I know I ruined it for you but I am so fucking mad about that. You took the BEST ACTOR you had in this film and kill him really quickly... and really in a sucky way. They failed to utilize Bryan Cranston ... but the film was awesome while he was on my screen... then I started to notice.... no Godzilla... what the....
We see plenty of MUTO...
When we finally get a good look at Godzilla he is AWESOME to behold. I was proud to see him look so good... so much like the OLD movies but so new ... it was like it came around FULL circle and I was pleased by the look and feel of the monster.

However, and sadly, Godzilla's full appearance comes in the last 30 minutes (if that) of the movie and I was let down by the fact that he wasn't showcased more. I wanted more GODZILLA. You have a movie called GODZILLA ... not MUTO... SHOW ME GODZILLA and PLENTY OF GODZILLA.

I have to say I didn't like the MUTOS, I didn't like the other actors besides Bryan Cranston... and I hated that Godzilla wasn't in the movie more... that is why this movie isn't GREAT. Now if the studio wants to continue... I would suggest getting a GREAT foe from Godzilla movies of past like maybe Mothra or hell even MECHA GODZILLA and have Godzilla do what he's born to do... kick some fucking ass.

3 out of 5 bloody eyeballs

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