Monday, October 12, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Argento's Dracula

Official Trailer (Red Band)

I've heard a lot of talk since this Dracula came out. Argento is known for being "out there" with his movies... and most of the talk was that it was a bad version of Dracula. I call bull on that one. I actually found this to be one of the better adaptions of Dracula and believe me (being obsessed with Dracula like I've been since age 3) I've seen all adaptions and some of them are REALLY bad. Argento's... is not.

So by now we all know the tale of DRACULA if you don't... what planet have you been living on. Seriously?!?! Dracula wants Mina who resembles his late wife. It's a romantic tale... but Argento has his blood and guts in there... as always... and his nudity ... as always.

Playing Dracula in this movie is Thomas Kretschmann who has starred in movies like King Kong, Avenger's Age of Ultron, and so many more. I loved him as Dracula. He's older but not TOO old... and the way he holds himself is quite sophisticated ... but when he is all business, he can turn on a dime and it is spellbinding to watch. KUDOS to him for being now one of my fave Draculas.

Rutger Hauer plays Van Helsing which amuses me cause I've seen him play DRACULA in Dracula 3: Legacy which was terrible and I didn't care for him at all as Dracula. He's a much better Helsing.
SO even though others say Argento's Dracula isn't good I say give it a try, leave a comment below and let me know what you thought was good and what was bad.
4 out of 5 bloody eyeballs

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