Thursday, October 1, 2015

Martha's 31 Days Of Horror: Movie Review - The Taking of Deborah Logan



So going in I didn't have much hope of anything decent. I've watched a million "exorcism" movies and most (I'd say 80% of them) are flops. The Taking of Deborah Logan is NOT a flop. It is a great look at possession from a documentary point of view (yes I am beginning to think these types of films, especially in horror, are being over used). Mia is a student coming to film Deborah as part of her thesis about Alzheimer's. At first it is obvious Deborah doesn't want this but her daughter Sarah convinces her they need the money and it will be good for them.

As things progress we begin to see Deborah's behavior become erratic. We sympathize with her because the viewer knows someone that is in a similar situation whether it be Alzheimer's or some other life altering/threatening disease. At first it seems the Alzheimer's is taking over Deborah until the film crew see more than they bargained for... Deborah jumping from the floor to her oven top, Deborah talking to herself, Deborah picking up snakes... the film crew try to help Deborah and Sarah but it gets too much for one of them who leaves.
It's becoming obvious this isn't Alzheimer's ...

When admitted to the hospital the final time, Deborah abducts a little girl, and this happens...

This is one of the best visual scenes in the movie... and it's all the way at the end. Yea I know... it's a spoiler but I didn't tell you why or how we ended up here... you'll have to watch this movie for yourself to know the truth behind what was taking Deborah Logan.

It's a great exorcism/possession movie. Not THE BEST but a very decent take on the subject.

4 out of 5 bloody eyeballs

Do you believe that possession, demonic or other, is real?

Not enough info to really know one way or another

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