Sunday, October 25, 2015

Martha's 25 Favorite Childhood Toys

1. Toy Cars. I had a huge collection. I loved them so much.

2. My Fisher Price Tape Recorder. It was the first time I can actually remember being so happy I cried.

3. My smurf drum set. I'd sit around for HOURS waiting for EYE OF THE TIGER to come on so I could play it.

4. My Star Wars figures. I had them all. I even had the huge AT-AT.

5. My He-Man and She-Ra collection. I had Castle GreySkull and Snake Mountain... I'd spend lots of time playing with them.

6. My Thundercats and Silverhawks. I had all of those and I loved them because of the shows.

7. Sea-Wees. Oh how I loved to open the package from Dad (he was away from home working) and get my sea-wees. I'd always have 'em in water with me.

8. My Nintendo. Still love it to this day. I have SO SO SO many games for it and it never gets old. NES is awesome.

9. Pound Puppies. Oh how I loved those. I had a lot of them.

10. My collection of tapes and records... music and stories... I had a record player and my fisher price tape recorder and always had something playing because I had a huge collection of story books with records and music on tape.

11. Glo-Worm. I remember Glo-Worm... he didn't work so well but damn did I love him.

12. Jem and the Holograms Dolls. I just HAD to have these cause I loved the show. Yep, I had 'em all. Jem was TRULY TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

13. My swimming pool. Best Toy Ever. Put me in it and I'd stay all day. I loved to swim and I loved the water.

14. My Popple. He could do so much... and was so snuggly.

15. Red Wagon... oh how I miss you. Oh how I loved you. Red Wagon you bore me in good times and bad. Naked and Clothed. With or without dolls. I love you my friend.

16. Wonder Woman Bike. I don't remember how I first saw you but I saw you first in person at the Goodyear Tire Store... I had been wanting you for so long. That Christmas, you were mine. I was so happy. I miss you my first bike.

17. My Swing Set. I spent most of my childhood on you. You made the move with me from our old house to the house I am at now. I was fond of you even when you weren't balanced right. I miss you old friend.

18. Snoopy Sno Cone Maker. How I loved you. You'd make me treats. I have a version of this now in my computer room sitting up on the shelf as a memento.

19. Treasure Trolls. How ugly. How strange. How addictive to collect.

20. Trading Cards. I wasn't big into this until Garbage Pail Kids and the BATMAN movie that came out in 89.

21. Madballs. Oh yea. I had 'em all. They were so cool.

22. My toy box. It wasn't a "TOY" but it was filled with them and boy did I love sitting in the middle of it, toys piled up around me, and mommy couldn't find me.

23. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. I loved 'em. Still do. Have 'em on my bookshelf right now.

24. Monopoly. Always fun to play. Even now.

25. My stuffed animals. Be it just a little bear or my Mit-Tee-Mouse (Mickey Mouse). I loved them all.

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