Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Monday I went to the doctor because my right hand was tingling and going numb... diagnosis... CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME. Yea, I got CTS. All the years of trumpet playing, gaming, and typing on a computer have finally caught up with me. Now I am in a brace and it is helping greatly with the situation. However, if I take it off... in an hour it comes back again. So the brace looks like it'll have to be worn... and it fucking covers up my tats which pisses me off but what can you do?

Doc is also thinking of up-ing my levothyroxine. She's also investigating my potassium and has changed me from Co-Reg control released 20mg once a day to regular Co-Reg 12.5mg twice a day for my heart. I am also told NO MORE DEPRESSION PILLS. So I am gonna have to control my depression without any aid.

So that's the 411 on my health.


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