Saturday, October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween my dear readers.
It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year.
Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies... wait... that's everyday for me.
But only ONE day of the year for the entire world ... And TODAY is that day.

Halloween has always been special to me. At an early age I fell in love with DARKER things in life. I don't know WHY I was attracted to things like GHOSTS and VAMPIRES. I liked anything spooky. Anything that wasn't "NORMAL".
I was labeled a "devil worshipper" by kids at school and it followed me through my ENTIRE life. Just because I like Halloween, Horror Movies, and Metal Music people think I am a freak.
It's sad when people label you something just because you are different than they are. But at this time of year... I could always just be myself. Kids didn't mind me telling ghost stories, dressing in all black, and being a little strange. This time of year I actually fit in... and that is why Halloween became my favorite holiday and remains my favorite to this day.

What saddens me though is that Halloween has been taken away from children as a "fun" activity. These days instead of Trick 'R' Treat it's "Trunk r Treat" where you go to a church and go from car to car to get candy. It's sad that some will NEVER know the joys of going through neighborhood after neighborhood in search of the BEST candy, walking into a yard and having something scare the shit out of you... just having that experience was something awesome. It is really sad what Halloween has been reduced to... but for those of us who grew up doing the ol' school Halloween, we keep it alive in our hearts. That's what is important. Halloween is an awesome time of year. You can be anything you want to be and there is NO LIMIT to what you can do...

Happy Halloween to you and yours.
Hope you have a SCARY day filled with ghosts, demons, and other fun beings.
And remember... they won't bite too hard if you just give 'em a little something to gnaw on...
otherwise... they might just snack on YOU!
And though you fight to stay alive... your body starts to shiver...
for no mere mortal can resist the EVIL of the THRILLER.

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