Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Birthday YESTERDAY to me...

Yesterday was my birthday.
I am now 38.
This sucks.
The older I get the more I want my youth back.
Is that a normal reaction to growing older?
Time machines can't get invented fast enough nor can a potion for immortality.
I'm joking.
Seriously, Yesterday was HORRIBLE.
I have had nothing but BAD birthdays since age 10.
That plus I missed Mom yesterday.
She'd be the only one who could make me feel good about 38.
There was no cake, no presents, no celebration for me.... nothing.
I'm poor. I have no money.
And with that...


  1. aw, so sorry sweetie. happy belated birthday, I am glad you are in the world. you totally rock, you are very unique. wish I lived near you, I would have celebrated you. 38 is far from old, I will be 52 November 20th.

    1. Thank you Denise. I appreciate that.52 isn't old either. It's only HALF!

  2. So sorry to hear that your "special Day" was so bad, dear Lady Martha...
    We too know what it is like to be poor and Alone.. (at least you still have your Mom.... mine passed on her 60th birthday a while back)...
    belated Birthday wishes... wishing to be younger ( and in better health) are always on my mind... a pleasant day to you....

    1. Thank you Dear Doctor. I don't still have my mom sadly. she passed in 2013 to lung cancer 2 months after I moved back in with her and dad... lost him 5 months later to cancer due to complications with agent orange that he came in contact with in Vietnam.

      Thank you for the wishes dear sir. Hope all is well for you.


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