Friday, October 23, 2015

Elder Scrolls Online - They want HOW much????

Ok... I am FED UP with the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store.

For DLC packs you pay 2500 crowns. Crowns have to be bought by buying a card via xbox live or in a store that sells them. Usually you pay $25 for 3000 crowns. So each DLC it's fair to say costs $25 dollars or so...

Like the IMPERIAL CITY DLC ... it was 2500 Crowns. When Orsinium comes out in November it will be the same price too... 2500 Crowns. Now... that we've established THAT... we show you this...

THE ZOMBIE HORSE. God would I LOVE to have it... but look at the price. 2500 Crowns. WHAT?!?! The SAME PRICE as a DLC!!!! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?

That is ridiculous. Seriously. Why are the things like THIS as expensive as the damn DLC when they are not really anything but cosmetic? DLC is playable content. This is only putting a skin on a horse I and letting me ride it.

This has me sad. I so want things like the Zombie Horse or the Panther that can be a companion to you... (He can't fight he just follows you around) but the prices of the stuff in the crown store make it impossible to afford. I can barely afford the DLC.

Nothing should be the same price as the DLC but more DLC.



  1. Or you could pay for eso membership, get 1500 crowns a month and free dlc's.. Only idiots or kids with their parents credit cards actually buy things from the crown store separate from the membership perks

    1. I had the membership not give me my crowns and i had to take time to track my own stuff down took them 3 fucken weeks, hear its common.

    2. But if you cancel or stop subscription the DLC goes away. which is why I always purchase the dlc and don't worry about that monthly membership. I might not always have the money every month but I can afford one DLC every now and then. It's just kinda unreal to charge that much for a cosmetic enhancement that does NOTHING and it's the same price as the DLC which does numerous things.


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