Sunday, October 25, 2015

25 School Memories

1. Field Day at J.E. Terry... I loved it when it rolled around. I could buy all the snacks I wanted.

2. Halloween Carnivals at Valley Grande and J.E. Terry... I did the cake walks a lot and won most of the cakes. One year my Mom did fortune telling at J.E. Terry Carnival.

3. Friday Night football games at DCHS BEFORE I was in band. I would stand in front of the cheerleaders and copy them... me and a bunch of other girls did this.

4. My best friend in grade school... Martha Thao. I can't find her. Been searching for her. She was a wonderful friend. Had a brother named Adam.

5. Having to leave Valley Grande for J.E. Terry in 3rd grade. I hated it. I traded A honor roll and also teaching the classes for a stuffy teacher and hard times.

6. Being hit across the knuckles by that teacher of special classes (whose name I can't remember) at Valley Grande. It was my first day in school and I had never been to school (skipped Kindergarten) and I had no idea what was going on and she left someone in charge who said I wasn't quiet (which was a lie) and I got hit. It traumatized me.

7. I got to teach the 2nd grade class for Mrs. Howard at Valley Grande.

8. Getting my entire 2nd grade class at Valley Grande singing "WE ARE THE WORLD".

9. My bus driver running over ducks and killing them my first day riding a bus.

10. Entering high school (7th grade) at DCHS and being so afraid.

11. Being called a devil worshipper at DCHS for wearing all black a lot and listening to heavy metal.

12. My first day of Marching band. It was HELL. I thought I would never get it. Playing the trumpet and marching at the same time. Eventually Mr. Kilmury said I was one of his best marchers. Bless him.

13. Getting to learn first hand from Mr. Kilmury how to be a band director... he let me assist him, write things out, do lots of the paper work, and even direct some classes of beginning band.

14. Lee Willet putting chalk in Mr. Kilmury's coffee before Jazz Band, Lee Willet locking Mr. Kilmury in the smoking bathrooms, and I think it was Lee (I could be wrong) that broke that window in the band room.

15. Gordo competition... winning felt so good... Band was rewarding then. I was so proud of everyone.

16. Being so DISLIKED because everyone thought I was Mr. Kilmury's little KISS ASS. It hurt very badly because I loved the man like a father (lord knows he acted like he was my dad) and did everything he ever asked me to because I believed in what I was doing... music was my life. Kids can be so cruel at that stage though... and I hold no grudges for what was said in the past.

17. Winning 1993 3rd place ACE Competition Vocalist with only 1 day practice because I signed up the day before ACE took place. HAHAHAHA! I floored Mr. Kilmury with that one. He didn't know I was a singer until that moment and when I won... he got very upset with me... cause there was no singing program at DCHS and he just wanted me to focus on Band... which led him to try everything he could to make me stop the singing... finally he saw he couldn't. Don't hold it against him... he was just doing what he did because he loved his band.

18. Summer School... not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. Thanks Mr. Harris. I hate math and physical science.

19. Taking our group class picture for class of 1996 and everyone yelling MOONPIE. HAHAHA. Mrs. Mophrasit.

20. Drama Club. So much fun. My first solo song in our production of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... You can't imagine. That was so much fun to do that play and sing that song... plus the entire 95 annual was based off that song.

21. Homecoming Dances.... You Can't Touch This, 2 Legit 2 Quit, November Rain, Fantastic Voyage, Living on the Edge, and so on... I always had fun at dances. Had my group of friends dancing and just laughing... those were the best times.

22. Pushing Mr. Kilmury's Datsun up the hill to the bandroom cause it died. I think Lee Willet and Joey Dobbs helped on that one... if I recall.

23. Coach Griffin bending over all over campus picking up trash.

24. "I had 5 bypasses".... if you don't know this then you weren't there.

25. Graduation, the end... bittersweet. 1996 was the best year though. I look at all my pictures from my senior year... I feel good about most of them. :) That's what counts.

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