Sunday, October 25, 2015

25 Great Childhood Memories

1. Playing dice with Mom and Dad while listening to Alice Cooper and eating home-popped popcorn

2. Getting my first Fisher Price Tape Recorder then being so excited I ran around the house recording myself singing "SHIT DAMN LA LA LA".

3. Always posing for pictures in my red wagon.

4. Playing Atari with my dad.

5. Granny (My great-grandmother on Mom's side) giving me a dollar everytime she saw me.

6. Grandaddy sitting in his chair at the store.

7. Mo-nee. I couldn't say bologna so I called it Mo-Nee. I'd walk around with a piece in my mouth all the time. I'd especially do it around my Uncle Bo (Dad's younger brother) and then we'd summersault in MeMaw's (Dad's Mom) living room.

8. Singing "We are the World" all the time when it came out. I even organized my 2nd grade class to sing it at Valley Grande (Thanks Mrs. Howard).

9. Granny (my great-grandmother on my mom's side) sitting with me in Mama Ruby's (Mom's Mom) Living Room telling me nursery rhymes and stories. AND Watching my first horror movie (Dracula 1931) with Granny!

10. All the numerous animals we always had. Rabbits, Turk-Turk the Turkey, Ducks, Chickens, Dogs, Cats, Parakeet, Raccoons, and so many more. It seemed like a farm in some ways even though it wasn't.

11. My mom getting sick during Nightmare on Elm Street. Don't know why it stuck with me even after all these years. It was the part where Tina shows up in Nancy's dream and has the worm things coming out of her mouth. Mom got mucho sick.

12. Swimming in my wading pool and singing as my toys swam with me.

13. My Grandaddy (Mom's Dad) and the BBQ pit at the store.

14. Grandaddy (Mom's dad) giving me pickled eggs.

15. Summer Camp (aka the FUN COMPANY). I always had fun at that. We'd go to Camp Grist or stay at the YMCA (when it used to be on broad st in Selma). We'd swim... I remember the year I got a leech on me from Camp Grist. Advice... don't swim near lots of rocks at the dam.

16. NINTENDO. Duck Hunt, Mario, Rygar, Castlevania... I still have my original Nintendo and all my games.

17. Mit-te-Mouse. I had a stuffed Mickey Mouse. I called it Mit-Te-Mouse cause I couldn't pronounce it right. I used to put him in my red wagon with my Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Ronald McDonald Stuffed Dolls and just sit for hours.

18. Streaking. Yep. I was a nudist up till we moved in with Mama Ruby (Mom's Mom). I got naked and ran through the house a lot. I'd also get naked and get in my red wagon. Mom has pictures as proof. How embarrassing.

19. My huge toy car collection, he-man figure collection, and star wars figure collection. Can we say TOMBOY?!?! I didn't like barbies and dolls... nope. I wanted GI Joes and Thundercats. LOL. It wasn't till I turned 13 that I wanted to collect dolls.

20. No lights. When the lights would go out during storms or whatever, I remember doing shadows on the walls, beautiful candlelight, and on cold nights karosene heaters.

21. The space shuttle Challenger exploding. It messed me up. I saw it as it happened live on TV. I yelled out "MOM THE SHUTTLE EXPLODED" and she was in the kitchen, she came running saying "WHAT?!?" and there it was... coming down in flames. Tramatic. I still tear up to this day over it.

22. THRILLER. Awww, yea. My first record album. My first purchase with my own money. Me standing in the middle of the living room with the white sparkle glove on, doing the moonwalk, and singing at the top of my lungs. Priceless.

23. My Transportation(s). Big Wheel - doing donuts in our old driveway, my trike - riding around on it in Mama Ruby's (Mom's Mom) carport, my wonder woman bike - I begged to have it, and of course, my red wagon which was my first love.

24. My dad traveling a lot. He worked out of town on construction jobs when I was a little girl and he'd send me toys. I remember all that.

25. MUSIC. Lots of music always being played in the house when I grew up, Variety of music from country to metal.

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