Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why the WWE Should Forgive HULK HOGAN.

Ok. I am not a Hulk Hogan fan. No offence Hogan but I never could get on the Hulkamania train. I always sided with Piper or Taker or someone like that. Usually it was whomever the WWE had go against Hogan at the time. I may not like Hogan as a champ... but I always RESPECTED him. He's done a lot for wrestling. We wouldn't be where we are today without Hulk Hogan. WWE wouldn't be as successful as it is without Hogan. That's just a fact.

Saying that... and in light of losing some greats in the past few months (Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper) I think the WWE should forgive Hogan and bring him back.

WHAT???? I hear you question. But Martha, why?

Why? Because Hulk Hogan is an icon. He's a great ambassador for WWE and people LOVE him. He draws crowds wherever he goes and he loved his fans. I am upset with WWE that they pulled Hogan from the Hall of Fame and pretty much fired him for saying the "N" word. Now this is back when Hogan claims he was in a "dark period" of his life even at a time he contemplated suicide. Everyone makes mistakes. I believe Hogan did NOT mean to say the "N" word. I think he is truly sorry he did. But to erase one of the all time greats from the history of WWE... that's just WRONG.

Come on Vince, there were things said by you, Stone Cold, etc... in the ATTITUDE ERA that was a whole lot worse than the "N" word. A word only has power if you GIVE it that power. By firing Hogan and throwing him out of the Hall of Fame you've given the "N" word more power than it really deserves.

Some wrestlers on the roster NOW have done worse than say the "N" word (cough-Seth Rollins' dick pictures-cough) yet they remain in their positions with NO reprimand seen by the WWE Universe for their "crimes". Also I want to point out we fired Warrior but then brought him back, hall of famed him, then he passed away. Piper was fired then passed away... VINCE... look at the signs... you don't want to have burnt bridges if the superstar passes... and you don't want that on your conscience. Didn't Warrior teach you anything? Didn't Piper?

I know it won't be tomorrow or next week... or hell, any time soon... But WWE, you got a chance here to show FORGIVENESS and ACKNOWLEDGE people make mistakes but it is worth forgiving someone who has turned their life around ... he could even be a spokes person for "Racism" if you did it right.

Hulk Hogan is a legend. WWE do the right thing.

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