Saturday, February 25, 2017

ONE WORD 365 : RELEASE - Forgiveness

My word is RELEASE.

I decided I was tired of holding grudges and dwelling on it...
I am tired of letting other people have power over my life.

If you hate them you have to have loved them first...
and that is a bad pain when someone who you loved 
hurts you, It feels like the ultimate betrayal. 

But if you continue to hold the grudge and harbor those
feelings of hate... it will eat you alive inside.


Don't let those who hurt you have power over you even in their 
absence. Take your power back. Forgive them. 

Forgiving them does NOT mean they are welcomed back into your
life... it just means you are letting the bad things go and moving on.
It's the final act to peace in conflict.



I deserve peace after all these years.
I refuse to spend my final years of life 
harboring feelings that hurt me inside.
I am too old for that and too strong.

As a sign of strength...

I forgive those who hurt me...

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

  1. Thankful that I have food and am able to eat well.
  2. Thankful for my healthcare because without it... I'd be seriously in bad shape.
  3. Thankful for my kitties who keep me on my toes and amused.
  4. Thankful for my blog and being able to write what I want.
  5. Thankful for those who come to my blog and comment/read it makes me feel less alone.
  6. Thankful for WWE cause for 30+ years we've been rockin' and I'm glad I've been here for almost the ENTIRE THING. Glad It isn't going away or hasn't gone by now.
  7. Thankful for my friend Amy who has helped me SO much.
  8. Thankful to be able to be alive... many don't survive what I did.
  9. Thankful I escaped a narcissist abuser.
  10. Thankful for having the best parents in the world. I miss them.

Saturday 9: I'll Be There

Saturday 9: I'll Be There (1992) 
By Mariah Carey

1) In this song, Mariah pledges to "have faith in all you do." Have you recently given someone support or a pep talk? I always give Erin a pep talk ... he's very special to me and lost both his legs. I let him know that it is ok to be sad but not ok to give up.

2) Mariah was at the center of a controversy in Times Square on New Year's Eve when she had audio problems and claimed she could not perform. Times Square is at the busy intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue. If we went to the busy intersection nearest your home, what would we find? (A store? A church? McDonald's?) The traffic all around MOBILE, ALABAMA is a horrid thing especially on Airport Blvd. is always a bitch to travel down no matter what time of day.

3) Her nickname in high school was Mirage because she cut school so often. Did you ever play hookey? Only a couple of times but I usually was sick a lot anyway.

4) Mariah doesn't apologize for spoiling her dogs, who have been known to travel by limo. Do you know anyone who treats his/her pets like people? I treat my kitties like people because they are better than most people I know. I respect them. I provide for them. They are my best little furry butthole friends. lol.

5) Mariah has something to fall back on. She studied cosmetology and worked as a hair sweeper in a salon. When you get your hair cut, do you socialize with the stylist?  I don't cut my hair. When my Mom made me shave her head after starting Chemo because of lung cancer I swore to her I would NEVER cut my hair again... and I don't.

6) When married to her first husband, Mariah went vegetarian. Tell us about last night's dinner. Would it qualify as a vegetarian meal? NO WAY Chimichangas are meat, beans, and yummy goodness.

7) This week's song was introduced by The Jackson 5. Think of your favorite Michael Jackson song. Did he record it solo or with his brothers? Thriller was off his solo album Thriller. He had a few duets on there "The Girl is Mine" with Paul McCartney and "Thriller" had the rap with Vincent Price.

8) In 1992, when this song was popular, The Mall of America opened. Located in Minnesota, it's the biggest mall in the nation, with more than 400 stores. Think about the last thing you purchased. Were you shopping out of necessity, or for fun? Usually I don't shop for fun because of limited funds.

9) Have you ever shoplifted? (Don't worry. We won't tell.) When I was little I stole a hershey kiss from a store and Mom made me take it back. I didn't know any better.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

  1. I wish less revealing swim suits would come back in style. I don't like to show a lot of my upper thigh area because of stretch marks from the constant back and forth of weight loss throughout my life... I like swim skirts or long short that go about 2 inches above my knee at the least. These days if it's not stuck up your ass it isn't HIGH FASHION. *rolls eyes*
  2. I always have EVERYTHING in my purse. I have to carry nitro for my heart, inhaler for my asthma, I always have pain pills and band aids, chapstick, key, 2 cell phones (one is back up) plus battery packs for the cells in case I need them, I have several note pads and pens in case I need them, I also carry hand sanitizer, my wallet with all cards in it, a change purse, and nail clippers. 
  3. I think that I have come a long way since 2012. I have learned a lot, been through a lot, and grown a lot. I think it made me a better person.
  4. Inconsiderate people in public places is a pet peeve of mine. I can NOT stand when I am shopping and someone is standing in the middle of the aisle talking. Have the common decency to move out of others way. 

Friday Lists

Welcome to Friday Lists.

Every Friday Martha will post a 
topic and you post your 
TOP 5 for that topic. Simple right?
Make sure you comment 
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Friday Lists #3
Topic:  Fruit


1. Blackberry

2. Strawberry

3. Seedless Grapes

4. Watermelon

5. Navel Oranges

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Martha's WWE Rants

So on Smackdown Live 2/21/17, Naomi had to relinquish her WWE Smackdown Women's Title 
because Daniel Bryan said that she wouldn't be able to DEFEND it within the "allowed" 30 days.


Hold on. Wait.

Let me get this straight. WWE is now ENFORCING a 30 day title clause?!
Because I know for SURE Brock Lesnar didn't defend for over 30 days when he
held the title before. Why in the freaking hell did WWE all of a sudden decide to 
bring this rule back into play? Was it because of convenience? Or are they going to ENFORCE
this rule on ALL of their superstars. If that is the case if and when Lesnar or Goldberg win
the WWE Universal Title ... I will be counting the days to see if WWE does hold up their 
damn "RULE"

I know a lot of people have had to relinquish titles...
Daniel Bryan
Shawn Michaels
and now Naomi...

Kayfabe or NOT ... a title being relinquished is a BIG DEAL. 
Now Wrestlemania is a little over a month away. 
Why couldn't Naomi hold onto her title till then?
It wouldn't have mattered to the WWE Universe....
now suddenly a 30 day clause of non defense is important 
to WWE?? REALLY!?!? What is this make up the rules as we go along?

Ok WWE. 

We will see.

In Other Words, gigantic…
adj: extremely large or extensive, enormous

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word gigantic

She had a gigantic heart which always ended up getting broken.
Some people think it's crazy that she still has a smile on her face.
Especially since most of her life has been nothing but a roller coaster ride ending in pain.
She doesn't care what they say though, she's herself, and that's enough.

Wednesday HodgePodge

1. Have you ever been fishing? Did you catch a fish? If so did you keep it or throw it back? If you haven't been fishing is that something you'd like to try? Yes I used to go fishing all the time with Mom and Dad as a kid up until I married. Dad always HATED taking me because I would catch huge Bass and he'd end up with a little minnow or something. We'd always throw them back... I wish I could do it now.

2. What's something you're always fishing for in your purse, wallet, desk, or kitchen junk drawer? My keys

3. Your favorite fish tale or movie? Honestly, Jaws. It's just... awesome.

4. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight or night? Explain why you chose your answer. Night all the way because I don't like bright things and I'd rather be out and up at night where it's more peaceful.
5. What's the oldest piece of clothing you own and still wear? I own nothing but old clothes because I haven't bought new stuff in years. I desperately need new clothes lol. The oldest thing I own that I still wear is a tshirt from 1996 when I was in marching band.

6. We've got one more month of (officially) winter here in the Northern hemisphere. Are you feeling the need for a getaway? What's been the best and worst part of your winter so far? Honestly I don't need to "getaway" because I don't live far from Dauphin Island which is a a huge island right off the coast of Alabama and it is BREATHTAKING. Best part of my winter is snuggling with my kitties but the worst part is when I am so cold my nose goes numb.

7.  The Wednesday Hodgepodge lands on National Margarita Day...will you be celebrating? Frozen or on the rocks? Are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? If so, what's your favorite JB tune? Since my heart attack on 8/20/12 I don't drink anymore. I used to LOVE Margaritas. Mom made the best ones cause she worked for YEARS as a bartender. My parents loved Jimmy Buffett so of course I know all his songs. I think Margaritaville is the best one though.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. I want to thank everyone who keeps coming and commenting here on my blog. I appreciate it... TRULY. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Mini :: Van
  2. Tantrum :: Selfish
  3. Grown up :: Adult
  4. Hollywood :: Lights
  5. Dance :: Move
  6. Invest :: Money
  7. Page :: Web
  8. Sparkle :: Glam
  9. Communication :: Cellphone
  10. Proud :: Happy

Music and Movies Monday

Welcome to Music & Movies Monday!!!

Every Monday I will give you a series of 10 questions...
5 Movie and 5 Music Questions.
Answer on your blog, comment below so I can read your 
entry, and link back to



1. What is your favorite music video and why?
2. Can you remember a significant time in your life when music helped you? What was that time and in what way did music help that situation?
3. Have you ever played an instrument? If yes, what?
4. Rock Band/Guitar Hero... have you played? And if so, what's your best song on each instrument?
5. "There was a time, when I was so broken hearted, love wasn't much of a friend of mine..." a great line from an Aerosmith song called "CRYIN'". What love song moves you? 


1. What movie did you look forward to the most as a child?
2. If you could replace any actor/actress in any movie, what movie would it be and what role would you want?
3. "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chi-an-ti." One of the most chilling and well delivered lines by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. What performance moved you to chills and why?
4. Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with friends?
5. Ticket prices have risen over the years. What is the most you've ever paid to see a movie and what movie was it? What is the least you've ever paid to see a movie and what movie was that?



1. What is your favorite music video and why? I really like the music video for Until it Sleeps by Metallica because I understand what they are trying to portray through the lyrics then add these stunning visuals that express what they truly feel... outstanding.

2. Can you remember a significant time in your life when music helped you? What was that time and in what way did music help that situation? Music has ALWAYS helped me all my life. When I was at my lowest or highest music has expressed everything I ever needed. It's held my hand and been my crutch when I needed it. It also has lifted me up and made me better. Music is my drug of choice.

3. Have you ever played an instrument? If yes, what? Yes I am a vocalist but I was trained on Trumpet. I can play guitar (electric, acoustic, and bass), alto sax, any brass instrument, piano, drums, and a mean kazoo.

4. Rock Band/Guitar Hero... have you played? And if so, what's your best song on each instrument? Yea I have all of them. LOL. I am really good at Freebird on Lead Guitar, Carry on my Wayward Son on Bass Guitar, Enter Sandman on Drums, and vocal ... well I am good at a lot of them but my favorite to sing is Alice in Chains' Man in the Box.

5. "There was a time, when I was so broken hearted, love wasn't much of a friend of mine..." a great line from an Aerosmith song called "CRYIN'". What love song moves you? So many have touched me over the years... but the one that sticks with me is by Mister Mister called Broken Wings. It just haunts me.


1. What movie did you look forward to the most as a child? Well most of the time it was a Nightmare on Elm Street Movies... lol Horror fanatic ya know?

2. If you could replace any actor/actress in any movie, what movie would it be and what role would you want? I would love to be the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz but I would NEVER dream of replacing the great Margaret Hamilton

3. "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chi-an-ti." One of the most chilling and well delivered lines by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. What performance moved you to chills and why? I always adored both Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in The Black Cat. The way they feed off each other's dark energy is inspiring.

4. Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with friends? It depends on my mood. Sometimes I love to watch with others and then there are times when I just wanna be by myself and lose myself in the movies.

5. Ticket prices have risen over the years. What is the most you've ever paid to see a movie and what movie was it? What is the least you've ever paid to see a movie and what movie was that? Lowest I paid was back when Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was in theaters and I paid $3.00 to see it. The most I paid was $9.00 to see Suicide Squad.

Sunday Stealing: The Bungalow 26 Questions

1. Which living person do you admire the most, and why? Living Person... damn... ok well living person I admire the most probably is Ellen Degeneres. She is so sweet, kind, loving, caring... every person should aspire to be like her.

2. When were you the happiest? I was probably happiest at age 3. My Granny (Great Grandmother), Grandaddy (Mom's Dad), Mama Ruby (Mom's Mom), Mom , and Dad were all alive. That was my family. I miss them terribly. 

3. Besides property, automobile or furniture, what is the most expensive thing you have bought? My XBox One.

4. What is your most treasured possession? My car... I love that little fucker.

5. Where would you like to live? I live where I want to live.... Mobile, Alabama. Right near the beach, access to anything you want to do... it's awesome.

6. Who would you get to play you in a film of your life? Neve Campbell

7. What is your favorite book? Mine to Take by Dara Joy

8. What is your most unappealing habit? I talk too much when I get nervous

9. Twitter or Facebook? (Or if both share the differences in your opinion.)  Honestly I like them both equally... I am MonsterMartha on both

10. What would be your fancy dress costume of choice? A long black dress that stops at the ankles, the sleeves have daggers... kinda a Morticia Addams dress

11. What is your earliest memory? I was 1 year old and Mom made me a Bugs Bunny Coconut Cake.

12. What is your guiltiest pleasure? Besides Chocolate... 80's music.... and Madea Movies? Hmmm I would say Fan Fiction.

13. What do you owe your parents? EVERYTHING. I wish they were still alive. Lost Mom to Lung Cancer on 7/8/13 and Dad 5 months later on 12/22/13 to various cancers and complications of Agent Orange. I owe my parents ALL. They were the best people I ever knew and I was a lucky girl to have such parents. 

14. To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why? My Mom ... Sorry I ever put her through anything bad or that she had to deal with my sorry excuse for a life when I married 2 idiots who put me through living hells. Sorry I scared her with a heart attack ... and sorry I couldn't save her from her own death.

15. What or who is the greatest love of your life? My Kitties. Music

16. What does love feel like to you? It's like the most important thing... your heart goes BOOP.

17. What was the best kiss of your life? I don't think I have gotten that yet.

18. Which words or phrases do you overuse? Fuck

19. What's the worst job you have done? Working as a cashier at Food World in 1997 where I was accused of STEALING but it was my manager pocketing money to go to the Dog Races on the weekend. They caught her but I never got an apology.

20. If you could edit your past, what would you change? Nothing because everything that happened made me who I am today. I guess if I had to chose though I would tell Mom and Dad to stop smoking at an early age and ENFORCE it because if I knew then what I know now... I could save them.

21. What is the closest you have came to death? Heart Attack 2012. I died... but was brought back. A second chance. GET YOUR HEART TESTED. Always listen and be aware of what it is doing. It's IMPORTANT.

22. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Earning my music scholarships on my own without any help from anyone

23. When did you cry last? a few minutes ago when I wrote that thing about my parents

24. How do you relax? watch movies or wwe, listen to music, play games, cuddle with my kitties

25. What single thing would improve the quality of your life? an ice maker... honestly that is all I lack. wouldn't mind living in a better house but I can only afford the rent for this one.

26. What is the most important lesson life has taught you? Take NOTHING for granted. One day you are here, next day you are gone. Never waste a moment doubting or second guessing. Just go for it. Tell people you love them, take risks, and be yourself. Life is too short to not have fun, be you, and do what you want.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Johnny Angel (1962)

1) In this song, a girl sings that she'd rather spend a quiet evening at home than go out on a date. How about you? Do you enjoy quiet time? Or do you prefer keeping a busy calendar? My calendar is really NOT as busy as some people might think but I do enjoy all the down time I get.

2) She dreams of how her life with Johnny would be. What did you most recently daydream about? Baron Corbin, AJ Styles... wrestlers ... *shake my head* damn WWE.

3) Shelley never considered herself a singer and is more comfortable acting. A costar on The Donna Reed Show, she was pressured to make this record by the show's producer, who wanted extra exposure for the show by having this song on the radio. Tell us about a time you ventured outside your comfort zone.  As a person with social anxiety, every time I step outside of my house I am outside my comfort zone. I am not good with public settings and I find that the more people around the more out of place and awkward I feel.

4) Elvis said she was his favorite leading lady, and she appeared with him in three films. What qualities do you appreciate in a coworker? Honesty and Dedication

5) She met her close friend and fellow teen star Annette Funicello when they were 12 and attended the same Catechism class. What do you recall from your middle-school years?  Well I don't recall a lot of things from then because our elementary school did Kindergarten to 6th grade then the high school did 7th - 12th so I really didn't do the middle school thing... but during that time was when I was bullied a lot.

6) After The Donna Reed Show, Shelly went on to a recurring role on One Day at a Time and was twice nominated for an Emmy for her work on Coach. Her husband is Mike Farrell, who played BJ on M*A*S*H. Which of those four sitcoms would you enjoy binge watching? I really loved MASH as a kid but I probably have seen them all. I would probably go with One Day at a Time.

7) In 1962, the year this song was popular, is also the year Jack Nicklaus began his successful pro golf career. Do you enjoy playing golf? Watching it on TV? I love to play golf but I never watch it because they move too slow for me.

8) A 2013 study said most Americans will have 12 romantic relationships in their lifetime. Does this mean you've had more or less than your share? I don't know if any of mine have been "romantic" but I have had more.

9) It's closing time at the mall and you find yourself accidentally locked in a toy store. You call the police and they say someone will be there in about half an hour to rescue you. While you wait, will you play with any toys? (If so, which ones?) OH YES. I am gonna go play with all the WWE action figures. I will get one of those plastic replica belts and cut my own promo.

Music Review - Ghost: Popestar

Ghost - Popestar

  1. Square Hammer "Are you on the square are you on the level are you ready to swear right here right now before the devil" This is the most catchy song EVER. I have heard it used all over since it's release and I believe if it had been released on Meliora that it might have gotten the grammy instead of Cirice. 5/5
  2. Nocturnal Me "take me internally Forever yours Nocturnal me" Originally by Echo and the Bunnymen this is a haunting and brooding song that really makes me love Ghost all the more for doing covers. 5/5 
  3. I Believe "I believe that you could be what I need to believe" Another OUTSTANDING haunting cover by Ghost but it is originally by Simian Mobile Disco. 4/5
  4. Missionary Man "Well I was born an original sinner I was borne from original sin And if I had a dollar bill For all the things I've done There'd be a mountain of money Piled up to my chin" Originally recorded by The Eurythmics, Ghost does a really good version of this song... but I do prefer the original better. 4/5
  5. Bible "But no walls can stop such a rain That keeps on falling forevermore" This song is nice but it really is my least favorite of any cover Ghost has done. I really just skip it most days. 3/5
Overall Album Rating: 4/5
Favorite/Best Song: SQUARE HAMMER

Music Review - Ghost: Meliora

Ghost - Meliora

  1. Spirit "Throw yourself Into the vessel Of possibilities" This song is fun because it keeps a fast grinding pace. I can't tell if it's talking about something other worldly or if it is talking about taking a trip with the green fairy of Absenthie 4/5
  2. From the Pinnacle to the Pit "You have the power you wear the crown" I love this song because it talks of Lucifer's fall but also it says YOU HAVE THE POWER... YOU are your own god which is what a true satanist believes. 5/5
  3. Cirice "I can hear the thunder that's breaking in your heart". This song is like a love song from Ghost to me... honestly. I know they don't know me but it is like they do. It's haunting and familiar... it speaks volumes to a person like me. 5/5
  4. Spöksonat short but okay 3/5
  5. He Is "He is He's the shining and the light without whom I can not see" This song is almost biblical but in a twisted way. A lot of people think this is about God but it is just a love song to Satan. 4/5 
  6. Mummy Dust "I was carried on a wolf's back to corrupt humanity" This song is about the evil that money brings into life. It's hard hitting and powerful. 4/5
  7. Majesty "A prince in exile here in Hell In midst of sinners flocking up like soulless sheep" It speaks of the "old one" "master" but then it says "all beauty lies within". A very cool song that I think doesn't get enough credit. 4/5 
  8. Devil Church One of the best instrumentals Ghost has done 4/5
  9. Absolution "All those things that you desire you will find here in the fire" It's a hard hitting song about people wanting absolution for sins but in the end they are on their knees for nothing. 4/5 
  10. Deus in Absentia "The world is on fire And you are here to stay and burn with me Our funeral pyre And we are here to revel forevermore" I love those lyrics... they are beautiful. This song haunts me sometimes and I don't know why. 4/5

Music Review - Ghost: If You Have Ghost

Ghost - If you Have Ghost

  1. If You Have Ghosts "If you have ghosts you have everything" Originally by Rocky Erickson This is the best cover EVER. I absolutely LOVE the vocals and it works acoustically or non-acoustically... I've heard Ghost do it both ways. I truly love this song because it has several meanings. 5/5
  2. I'm a Marionette "Something is wrong, I have a feeling I don't belong" Orignally by Abba which various members of Ghost have claimed to LOVE... it's a great cover. 4/5
  3. Crucified "I've seen the deepest darkness And wrestled with Gods Ride the noble harness Raining cats and dogs" Orignally by Army of Lovers this really isn't my kind of song but it isn't bad by any means. 3/5
  4. Waiting for the Night "I've been waiting for the night to fall I know that it will save us all When everything's dark Keeps us from the stark reality" Originally by Depeche Mode this is an excellent and haunting cover 5/5
  5. Secular Haze [Live] nothing much changed here of course except it is live... I prefer the original recording though. 3/5

Music Review - Ghost: Infestissumam

Ghost - Infestissumam

  1. Infestissumam As usual, Ghost's intros are very striking 4/5
  2. Per Aspera ad Inferi "Perverted Are your wishes and dreams Tanning in Lucifer's beams" This isn't one of my favorites from this album but it is by no means a bad song. I don't think Ghost can do a bad song. 3/5 
  3. Secular Haze "Weave us a mist Fog weaver, ooh-ooh Hide us in shadows Unfathomable wall-less maze A secular haze" I LOVE this song. It is haunting. You can picture yourself standing in a place where you see nothing but fog. 4/5 
  4. Jigolo Har Megiddo "I am the one who preys on weak I offer everything they seek And I am the one who comes richly endowed Harvesting crops of fields that others have plowed" This song makes me smile. I can't help it. It is one of the most perverted songs Ghost has and it's AWESOME. 5/5
  5. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen "Zombie Queen Black light guides you! Ghuleh" This starts off slow with Ghuleh then goes into a retro 60's beat into Zombie Queen. It's so much fun. I really love the live acoustic version where Papa Emertitus III plays the Kazoo. 4/5
  6. Year Zero "Hell Satan, Archangelo Hell Satan, Welcome year zero" I don't know what it is about this song... the eerie chants at the beginning of various demon names or the awesome guitar riffs. Either way ... Year Zero is a song I can never get out of my head. 5/5
  7. Body and Blood "The casket lid is cold Waiting inside Is someone petrified" This song is SO much fun... I don't know if it is mocking Jesus or what but it is hillarious 4/5
  8. Idolatrine "An existence as a human Is leaden monotony With all desires drowned Impure sanctimony" This song is unusual but I like it. 3/5
  9. Depth of Satan's Eyes "Into the source of wisdom Beyond the Bible lies Into the endless depth Of Satan's eyes" This song always mesmerizes me. 4/5
  10. Monstrance Clock "To the sound of the monstrance clock Air is cleansed, assembled flock Black candles burn, all minds aligned" One of the most relaxing songs I have ever heard but also a very meaningful one. I love the deep undertones of this song. 4/5

Music Reviews - GHOST: Opus Eponymous

Ghost - Opus Eponymous

  1. Deus Culpa 4/5 Very Melodic a nice opening to an album of this nature. 
  2. Con Clavi Con Dio "Lucifer We are here For your praise Evil One" A truly dark rolling song with heavy bass line. 4/5
  3. Ritual One of the more upbeat songs but it still has a very dark message or rituals and sacrifices. My favorite part being "Our father Who art in hell Unhallowed be thy name Cursed be the sons and daughters Of thine Nemesis Whom are to blame Thy kingdom come nemA" 4/5. 
  4. Elizabeth Very Melodic love letter to  Elizabeth Bathory. "She was an evil woman with an evil old soul Piercing eyes emotionless A heart so black and cold" 4/5
  5. Stand by Him "'Tis The Night Of The Witch Tonight And The Vengeance Is Hers For As Long As She Stands By Him" I like this song. It is unique and I like things that sound different from everything else. 4/5
  6. Satan Prayer "Rise up from hell From sitteth on the left hand of his father From thense he shall come to judge" Not my favorite song from this album but decent. 3/5
  7. Death Knell "Six six six Evoke the king of hell Strike the death knell" one of the hardest songs on the album. 4/5
  8. Prime Mover "Prime mover Maternal slave With child of her grave" Honestly this song usually gets skipped because it's just not one I feel but I do like that one lyric. 3/5
  9. Genesis Beautifully haunting 4/5 


Just my 2 Cents: PewDiePie

I have watched PewDiePie for a long time on YouTube.
If you don't know who PewDiePie is... you are living under a rock... seriously.

Lately, because of some news articles, Pewds has been under fire
for some Anti-Semitic remarks. Some articles calling him a "Nazi sympathizer"
among many other things. This has resulted in Pewds losing his deal with Disney
and also his show "Scare PewDiePie" being pulled and cancelled. 

Now being a long time viewer of Felix (PewDiePie's real name) I can honestly
say that he does  go too far and pushes boundaries sometimes but never in a hateful
way. All he ever does is have a good time, yet all anyone else seems to do is 
hate on him. Why? Because he's self made and successful at what he does?

What they fail to mention is all the kind things Felix truly does like help 
other YouTubers, give money to charity, and all the long hours of DEDICATION
he puts into his youtube content... just to ENTERTAIN people. Sure he makes money
for it but I honestly think after all these years Felix wouldn't be doing this if he 
didn't truly LOVE doing it. 

As for him being what these articles claim him to be... he has NEVER 
shown any support for Nazis or anything... he makes fun of EVERYTHING 
and holds nothing back. His channel always has been a place where he could
speak his mind, do his OWN thing, and just have a good time... yea he does
sometimes say off the wall things but if you know PEWDIEPIE like a true
subscriber would... you know it is all just in fun. 

Felix is a DECENT guy.

He does NOT deserve his show to be cancelled.
He does NOT deserve these made up articles accusing him of being some kind
of hate monger. These articles are petty, false, and down right disgusting. They
are written but people who truly to not get Felix's brand of humor. The people 
writing these articles are not real fans or real watchers of his channel. No. They
are the people who watch something and look for the littlest thing to say "OH LOOK
they decide to write. The point is this... they have slandered the name of a man who
did NOT deserve this one bit. 

I stand by PewDiePie.

My message to Felix is this...
You do you... we all love you and we know who you are truly.
You are a good man... don't let them get to you.
You always have GREAT content on your channel.
These people come from a place of HATE... they are petty
and jealous. They don't know who PEWDIEPIE really is.

To those who have slandered PewDiePie know that we who are
his fans and followers KNOW what you've done... and we are outraged.
You stretch the truth and ran a good man down for the sake of an article.

Support PewDiePie

Friday Lists

Welcome to Friday Lists.

Every Friday Martha will post a 
topic and you post your 
TOP 5 for that topic. Simple right?
Make sure you comment 
below so we can see yours
and please include a link back to


Friday Lists #2
Topic: Musicals

Martha's Answer

1. Phantom of the Opera
"Night time sharpens heightens each sensation, darkness merge and wake imagination..."

Phantom has had me since the day I first heard it in the 80's. Back then it was
Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford playing Christine and the Phantom but 
I grew up listening to that soundtrack like it was my life... 
if you've never seen it... SEE IT. And Ramin Karimloo, was one of the BEST Phantoms EVER.

2. Wicked
"Something has changed within me, something is not the same, 
I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game..."

I have had an obsession with the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard 
of Oz since I was a child. I was THRILLED when I heard this musical was
about the life of the Wicked Witch of the West before Dorothy arrived in Oz.
I was PRIVILAGED to see it preformed LIVE in Birmingham, Alabama 
and it was one of the BEST experiences of my entire life. 

3. Repo: The Genetic Opera
"Have I failed my daughter? Then let the father die! And let the monster rise!"

It's a hard one to follow but once you watch it a couple of times Repo is BRILLIANT.
I love Anthony Head. He has a tremendous voice. The rest of the cast made
me laugh most of the time because I love Bill Moseley in almost all the horror
movies he's in but he's really over the top here and it's AWESOME.

4. Rocky Horror Picture Show
"Don't dream it... be it".

Rocky Horror changed EVERYTHING. It was the most fun I had
ever had watching a musical. It was sassy, kinda strange and gothic, 
but also so many fun tounge in cheek lyrics... 
I am always loving the original musical movie cast.

5. Little Shop of Horrors
"I'm just a mean green mother from outer space and I am bad."

This movie made me laugh and sing along with it.
For the longest time I could NOT get enough of Audrey 2. 
It is a very fun musical that has great lyrics and fun characters.

Friday Fill-Ins

  1. SNOW It sadly never does snow in Alabama and when it does it's so little of it that it never sticks around long enough to truly enjoy.
  2. My favorite kind of soup is Wonton soup.
  3. When no one is around, I like to dance and sing like I was putting on a concert.
  4. MUSIC is my escape from everything in the world.

Friday 5 for February 16: Yule Never Be Alone

  1. About how many family Christmas photo-cards did you receive this year*? None. I got ZERO cards this year
  2. About how many family Christmas newsletters did you receive this year? I actually never have gotten one of these EVER in my family. Wish my family DID do something this inventive
  3. What do you do with the Christmas photo-cards and newsletters you get each year? If I get cards I keep the special ones and throw out others.
  4. What’s a good solution for singles who want to participate in this tradition without coming across as a loser? Just do it and don't let anyone let you feel like less of a person due to your status 
  5. About how many old-school, hand-addressed Christmas cards did you receive this year? None, yea It's sad. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In Other Words

In Other Words

verb: walk in a way to make people notice you, strut, flounce
a sequence of sideways steps in a circle in square dancing
a journey that is taken for pleasure

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word sashay.

For Rupaul.

Strength and Power in the way she presents herself.
Perfection from head to toe, nothing out of place.
Her presence screams elegance, class, and authority.
She sashays down the runway with confidence.
She is beauty personified. 


The dedication to RuPaul is important... 
Because of her I found a confidence I lacked in life...
her words echoed over and over in my mind...
"If you can't love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"
And then I knew...
I owe her a lot. 
I love you Ru. Thank you.