Monday, February 8, 2016

Update on death, accident, and more.

Haven't written much since Dixon's passing. Haven't needed or wanted to. Been sick too a little but I am better now. I just... miss Dixon. Between the car accident and losing one of my baby boys, I just didn't want to be around people or be online or anything for that matter.

Mom said bad things happen in 3's and she was right.
I am hoping soon things will get better...
I just wanted to update here to let everyone know the 411.

Insurance company of the asshole who turned in front of me says it could be 2 weeks to a month before I hear anything but I am calling them TOMORROW and pressuring them some more. I am a disabled woman with no family/friends near me and I need my truck fixed or a new one NOW!

The kitty army mourned Dixon. Most of them got over the colds they had. Thank God. The worst one was Khan. He was near death... and I brought him back. I wasn't going to lose another baby. He slept on my chest for a good week until he decided he could do it on his own... now he's bright eyed and happy. I am glad I could save one... even if I lost Dixon.

Dixon was a special case. He never was 100% healthy. His heart beat fast and murmured some... nothing really could be done for him. He had touched death several times before and fought his way back. But this time... he just ... couldn't fight. He lost this fight... but his death taught me something and I was able to apply it to save his son Khan.

I was and still am HEARTBROKEN over Dixon. So much so I decided to add a RAINBOW BRIDGE page for the animals we have lost since we began the Kitty Army journey. Only 2 but thankfully that's all there is. I take good care of my babies... and will continue to do so in the memory of those who have gone across the bridge ahead of us.

Erin was taken to the hospital today. I couldn't go with him because I have no way to get home and I have to take care of the 15 cats. So I had to stay behind. Hard to sit here without any word or any way to go. It sucks. I hope to get an update on Erin SOON and hopefully he will be out and home before we know it.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Sorry about the lack of postings. I will try harder. I promise.


Monday, February 1, 2016

The kitty army is sad to report the passing of Dixon at 4:25pm today.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Goodbye Truck... hello sorrow

Today around 1:30pm after I just gassed up my truck and was
heading on HWY 43 to get the Chinese Buffet... I lost my truck.
What happened. I was coming down the road...
the light was red, I slowed down, the light turned
green so I proceeded and then someone in the opposite
side turned in front of me....
cops said he was in the wrong.
doesn't help fix this...

And just that fast, the last remnants of my father... gone.
The only thing I had left of Dads... lost because of some
ASSHOLE who tried to hurry through a light to get to his lame ass life.
I have no family to help me. No vehicle now. No money. I am ruined.
Asshole had NO driver's license and the insurance he gave me wasn't right
so I spent all afternoon trying to track down all his info... come to find out
he gave WRONG information... all the way around. The insurance said it
will be a little while but what am I supposed to do until then? I have a life
to live. How do you do that when you have no way to get to places you need
to go (work, store, doctors, bills, etc...)?????
This sucks. I don't know what will happen.
I need a miracle.
And just so YOU know, this is my FIRST auto accident. And I am 38.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Martha's WWE PPV Reviews: Royal Rumble 2016

Well the Royal Rumble ended... the Raw has happened... moving on to FASTLANE on the Road to WrestleMania now. 1st PPV of 2016 done. Let me say 2016 started with a BANG for the WWE. Royal Rumble ... NEVER disappoints.
Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs. The Dudley Boyz
vs. The Ascension vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
(Fatal 4-Way Kickoff Match to qualify for the Royal Rumble Match)
This match was a clusterfuck of fun. Usually when it's this many people I
just get frustrated but the crowd gave SANDOW some love, he came out
in his robe to his old theme... I was SO happy to see him like that.
However... I wasn't pleased with the winning duo.
WINNERS: Henry & Swagger
Martha's Match Rating: 4/5
United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto 
I didn't really care about this match. I just wanted to see Del Rio lose
cause he's a pampas ass. Also, Kalisto is an NXT alumni so I am
always behind the NXT dudes.
WINNER: Kalisto
Martha's Match Rating: 3/5
Divas Championship
 Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch 
If this is the "Divas Revolution" well it's really not what I wanted.
The girls in NXT are BETTER than this. Since they brought these
girls to the roster it's kind of been HO-HUM but this match... the ending
with SASHA BANKS coming out and getting her point across.... awesome.
WINNER: Charlotte
Martha's Match Rating: 3/5
Martha's Rating Sasha's apperence: 5/5
WWE Tag Team Championship
  •  The New Day (c) vs. The Usos

I love the New Day, Can I just say that.... AGAIN?
This match was full of New Day being THEMSELVES and I
love them for it. I am glad they retained because they ARE
Martha's Match Rating: 4/5
 Intercontinental Championship
 Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens
(Last Man Standing Match)
These boys tore the house down. It was the FIRST match on the PPV
(Sorry these are out of order). Ambrose was awesome and Owens
put up a hell of an effort. Honestly I think this one is a candidate for
Match of the Year. I loved every second of it.
Martha's Match Rating: 5/5
2016 Royal Rumble Match 
 For the first time in history, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion must defend his
title in the 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match.
Well the Rumble started with Roman at #1 Rusev at #2.
Surprise entrants were AJ Styles making his WWE debut at # 3
Sami Zayn from NXT at #20 (he eliminated Kevin Owens too)
and Triple H at #30. The Wyatt Family did a number on Reigns
who was out for a while in the back then resurfaced before Triple
H came out only to lose the Rumble when Triple H eliminated him
at 59:50. Roman was out but the last 2 standing Triple H and
I was so sure Dean had a huge chance. And Dean did SO SO good.
I know that boy is gonna wear that belt SOON. He DESERVES it...
however, not this night. Triple H eliminates Dean to become the
WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
WINNER: Triple H
Martha's Match Rating: 4/5
Surprise Entrant AJ Styles: 5/5
Surprise Entrant Sami Zayn: 5/5
Surprise Entrant Triple H: 3/5 (predictable)
Triple H's win: 1/5 (suckage cause of predictability and stupidity)
I said it all along if Triple H stayed off TV after Reigns attacked him Triple H would be back for the Rumble as #28 - #30 and I was right. I knew Sami would be entering too but I never imagine the SWEET revenge of him eliminating Kevin Owens, that was TOO COOL! And I NEVER imagined AJ Styles coming straight to WWE PPV let alone the Rumble. I thought they'd start him at NXT like all the others so when he was #3 I marked out. I was so excited. He had SUCH A GOOD SHOWING at the Rumble lasting 27:53 (Kevin Owens eliminated him) and eliminating 2 others. I look forward to his future in the WWE, it's a BRIGHT one.
So we are on the ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA now.
Fastlane is looking to be a good PPV with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lensar in a #1 contender match to see who will face Triple H at WrestleMania 32. I can't wait. All in all the Rumble set up a really exciting time in the WWE and I am really enthralled to see where this takes everyone.

we miss you seth rollins... and need you back desperately. I take back all the bad I said. get well soon. we need you.

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Finn: "I loves my brotha"
Cookie: "Get this idiot offs me"

Martha's Prediction Royal Rumble 2016

It's time for my predictions for the 2016 Royal Rumble...
so let's not beat around the bush and just get right to it...
Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs. The Dudley Boyz
vs. The Ascension vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
(Fatal 4-Way Kickoff Match to qualify for the Royal Rumble Match)
Wow, what can I say? This is kinda... odd but ok we'll go with it.
The Ascension hasn't done much since making the transition from
NXT to main roster. They could take this as an opportunity. The
Dudley Boys always come in hard hitting so everyone out there
will have to watch for them. Jack Swagger is meh... Mark Henry
though is a BEAST. Darren Young is meh... but Damien Sandow...
I'd love to see him walk away with it all.... highly unlikely though.
Martha's Prediction: The Ascension
United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto 
I am sick of Del Rio and he hasn't been back that long. He dissed Zeb Colter
and joined the League of Nations. Now you KNOW the League will factor into
this match. I just hope Kalisto is prepared for that... and is on top of his game.
Martha's Prediction: Kalisto
Divas Championship
 Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch 
I think Charlotte is relying way too much on her NAME and not
her abilities. Sure it's AWESOME your Dad is Ric Flair. But I've
seen Charlotte in NXT... and I KNOW what she can do... she has
yet to show that same kind of GUSTO here on the main roster.
Becky Lynch has a lot going for her. She could be the next big thing.
Martha's Prediction: Becky Lynch
WWE Tag Team Championship
 The New Day (c) vs. The Usos
I still freaking LOVE the New Day. They have NOT gotten old yet. I love
everything they do. I don't understand how the USOs got to be #1 contenders
again... but ok. I like the USOs too. However, I think New Day is MUCH better.
Martha's Prediction: New Day
 Intercontinental Championship
 Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens
(Last Man Standing Match)
Last Man Standing Match for the IC Title. Ambrose can do this.
I believe in him. Not to sell Owens short but Ambrose is an awesome
IC Champ and I am NOT ready for him to lose that title yet.
Martha's Prediction: Dean Ambrose
2016 Royal Rumble Match 
 For the first time in history, the reigning
WWE World Heavyweight Champion must defend his
title in the 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match.
So Roman Reigns is #1 and has to face 29 other various superstars to remain
the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However there are so MAJOR guys
coming down to challenge him... LESNAR, SHEAMUS, BARRETT,
THE ENTIRE WYATT FAMILY... not to mention who we can only SPECULATE
will enter (I say Triple H). So who can honestly PREDICT the outcome of
the Royal Rumble? I know I can't. I can only HOPE and watch.
So what do I say then?
Martha's Prediction: Triple H will be in the Rumble,
Some NXT people will be in the Rumble (I hope Zayn and Corbin),
Roman Reigns WILL NOT be champ at the end of tonight.
Enjoy the Rumble.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy Caturday

Hello everyone. It's Caturday.

Sadly, this isn't one this house wishes to "celebrate" this week.

Jellybean had a litter of 5 kittens. Slowly, all 5 succumbed to death. It was tragic and sad... the entire household felt it. Jellybean has taken to my couch beside me and the "4 Kittens of the Apocalypse" plus Cookie and Finn are trying to cuddle to pick up her spirits.

The other reason is the entire household... the entire Kitty Army has caught colds with this changing weather. Poe came down with it first. He's getting over it slowly... feeling better today than he was 2 days ago when it began. The others are catching it and fighting it. Giving them plenty of attention, warmth, affection, and food/water. They are not down in spirits and are eating fine. Vet says as long as they continue to eat, don't lose appetite or stop drinking it is just a cold and it will run it's course in time. Vets are always impressed with me knowing all I know about animals... and that I am always well equipped and prepared for such occasions. My kitties are WELL taken care of.

So this Caturday, could you all keep my kitty family in your thoughts. We are fighting our colds and sadness. We'll pull through... we always do.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thoughtless Thursday

Ruckus the American Eskimo Dog Blog

"I iz watching you" - Finn

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

So today I am thankful for my kitties (again) because a couple have caught colds this week and one has had her first litter last night (it's not looking too hopeful for them but we will see).

It's all so stressful.... but I am thankful to have my beautiful Kitty Army...

Vincent, Poe, Cookie, and Finn snuggle.
I am thankful for this butthole, Toby.
Prince Pretty isn't feeling well. He caught a little sniffle
cause of the changing weather but he's a fighter. He'll be fine.
And last but not least I am thankful for this little sassy girl.
My Tootie. I love this little girl SO much... (snuggled here
with Vincent). She makes me smile and also makes me realize
that there is so much more to life than what I think!
Love you Tootie.
So yea... that's my thankful Thursday!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Alan Rickman is gone

Alan Rickman has died.

This man was a personal hero of mine. He was more than just Severus Snape in Harry Potter (even though when he was announced for the role I was overjoyed cause he was one of my favorite actors in one of my favorite characters in that series), but Alan was so much more.

I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was classy and elegant, that was when I watched Die Hard with Dad. Then he was in one of my fave movies Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and I fell head over heels for him. Yea, I had a crush on Alan Rickman since the 90's.

He could be funny... Dogma proved that and he could be romantic, Sense and Sensibility showed how much.

Alan Rickman leaves a great legacy behind. And his departure leaves me a little broken-hearted.

Goodbye my dear Alan... And thank you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MonsterMartha plays STOP!

Martha plays the game STOP! on IPad. Please forgive cracks in the screen and my usage of "fuck" "shit" and "damn". LOL. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and give the video a LIKE if you were even SLIGHTLY amused. From my dark little heart to yours, THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goodbye Spaceman... We will miss you.

When I was a little girl, my Dad put on a record...

"Pretty soon now you're gonna get a little older
Time may change me
But I can't trace time"

and even at the age I was at... I knew... the man singing was SPECIAL!

The man was David Bowie.

Yesterday we lost an icon. A man with so much talent and vision that it was other worldly. A man who entertained, who set trends, who spoke his mind, and who never let anyone change him.

A true HERO.
A true LEGEND.

Thank you David Bowie for the wonderful songs, the talent on screen, and for inspiring words OFF screen. You were too good for this world but we were all PRIVILAGED to have you for the time we did.

Hope Dad gets to meet you in Heaven... you were his hero, and one of mine.

Rest easy now, Ziggy Stardust...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy Caturday!

Yes once again it is Caturday and I am starting a NEW tradition on this blog, a post EVERY Saturday in honor of Caturday which is the BEST freaking day of the week!!!!
So... here we go...

I am so thankful for these little hellions. They might drive me crazy sometimes
but they are the snuggliest, most loving babies I've EVER had the pleasure of
having as my family. I love you Vincent, Poe, Khan, Tootie, Cookie, & Finn.
Let's not forget my big kitties.
Sometimes they get me so pissed but they are the lights of my life...
I love you Toby, Dot Dot, Bama, Moxley, Fleckie, Sweetie, Puddin',
Dixon, Jellybean, and Echo.
And NEVER forget the outside trio...
Blue, Dale, & Beauty... I love you guys so very much.
My Kitty Army has grown so much but it will cease growth (hopefully)
now that Moxley and Fleckie are neutered. Jellybean is preggerz, don't know
who did it before the surgery but yea, Jelly will have the LAST litter (fingers crossed).
I'll keep you updated when THAT happens. It's her first and only (again, hopefully) litter.
The 5 boy kittens (Cookie, Finn, Poe, Vincent, & Khan) have to wait till June to get neutered.
Anyway, Happy Caturday all.
Comment, Share your kitties... let's talk.
Many Meows, Purrs, and snuggles to you and yours...

Friday, January 8, 2016


Martha's Top 5: Onion Rings

I've been asked to give you my top 5 Onion Rings...
why I don't know but I will happily oblige and
I actually kinda want to do this so, yea... let's get to it.
Before I begin ...
I love the bloomin' onion but most of the time when you go to
Outback, they burn most of them and they don't even look half
as good as this one... so I don't go. (They also burn steaks).
However, I do love the bloomin' onion cause it's a lot of onion with a
great flavor and dipping sauce.
Zaxby's Onion Rings
These are actually close to the Bloomin' Onion from Outback
with the Zaxby's sauce a very close to the dipping sauce as well.
However, as you can see... sometimes they get them a little TOO done.
Steak N Shake Onion Rings
Now these are a great traditional onion ring. Not too
overpowering but not my favorite either. The outside
crust isn't the best flavor sometimes can be quite bland...
but they are awesome for fast food onion rings.
Burger King Onion Rings
I like the flavor of these and they usually give you a
zesty sauce or 2 for dipping... they are really great but not
really "traditional" onion rings. Still, great rings.
Sonic Drive-In Onion Rings 
These have a GREAT flavor however the outside crust
is hard and sometimes hard to chew. With that said it is
#2 because it is a traditional ring and the flavor is totally
onion ring. This is close to perfect if they didn't overcook
them 80% of the time and the crust wasn't hard to chew.
Whataburger Onion Rings 
These onion rings are FREAKING AWESOME.
They have a sweet batter but that doesn't overpower
the onion flavor at all. They are soft but crunchy and
not too oily. I love these rings and they are my FAVORITE ONION RING
of all the Onion Rings I've ever had.
So there you go ...
my favorite Onion Rings ...
Anything else you want
me to give my top 5 for?
Leave a comment below and 
I will try to get to it!
Thanks for reading.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thoughtless Thursday

Ruckus the American Eskimo Dog Blog

Looking back... perhaps I shouldn't have peed on Martha's couch.


Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

I am thankful for these little jewels (1 is missing cause he was asleep in a box).
They always make me feel so special. I know there will come a day when they
are no longer kittens and no longer want to spend all this time with me... so I am
thankful for the moments like these when they sit and cuddle with me on the couch
just because... I love you kittens.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Product Reviews: Revlon Color Silk Hair Dye

So in November I got VERY tired of seeing grey hairs near my forehead. I began feeling older than I am and I just got depressed. I promised Mom on her death bed I wouldn't CUT my hair... never said I wouldn't dye it. My ex HATED when I dyed my hair. He'd make fun of me, ridicule me... so much hate and negativity came from him when I tried to do anything like this for myself. So I was very hesitant to do this again. I hadn't dyed my hair in years. I went down the aisle with hair dye several times telling myself 'it isn't worth the money' so I'd psych myself out of the purchase. That was my EX talking. One day I said 'fuck it, it's FOR ME' and I bought this Revolon Color Silk as close to my original hair color as I could find. It was also a decent price so that was a plus.
I applied it to my head and waited 30 minutes like it instructs. There was PLENTY for my long hair... and when I say Long Hair... I mean my hair is almost to my butt... so don't think you have to buy more than one, I did but this product has PLENTY of product to apply to your head so there is no need for the purchase of 2 unless your hair goes beyond your boo-tay.

When I rinsed this off, it smelled awesome. It left my hair feeling SOFT and gentle with an awesome product smell. I felt fancy and I felt like I had made a good purchase. This was the end result.

So as you can tell (not by my expression) I was VERY VERY pleased with this purchase and would purchase this product again for use. I plan to do this again in March around the 1st just to keep a great vibrant natural color to my hair and eliminate the grey hairs that were plaguing me.
Martha's Rating:
Revlon Color Silk Hair Dye

Martha's Top 5: Top 5 Things I like to purchase at Dollar Tree

Yes, I am NOT ASHAMED to admit I do a lot of shopping at The Dollar Tree. They have great prices and great products. There are some bad products too... but it's worth a chance. After all, everything there is $1.00 so why not? Well, someone recently asked me what are my top 5 things to buy at The Dollar Tree... so here's my list.


Remember when Cheetos had the Flamin' Hot Cheetos? Yea me too. I bought numerous bags. Made myself sick off of them. I loved them. Sadly, they disappeared. But lookie what I found. Utz makes a HOT CHEESE CURL... and they taste JUST LIKE the Cheetos Flamin' Hot Puffs I used to love. Damn straight I buy these. Usually buy them out if I can.
2. Home Store Bath Tissue 
This is the BEST toilet paper I've ever bought. I used to buy the Sam's brand but when I found this jewel I couldn't help but be happy. For less than HALF the price of what I paid for the Sam's brand I can buy 16 rolls. Yea, I save dat money!
3. Sheer Attraction Body Spray 
I buy this because it smells so freaking nice. Not overpowering but very pleasing to smell. I am not supposed to wear a lot of smelly stuff cause of my allergies and asthma. This is mild enough to not affect my allergies OR asthma and still smelly so very very good.
4. Assured Hand Sanitizer 
I am obsessed with Hand Sanitizer. It feels good, smells good, and is good for you. I use tons of it. I usually buy this kind but I do buy this brand's small travel size in lavender too. Awesome product.
 5. Air Wick Sprays
Most of the time I get 2-4 of these in various smells (usually Hawaiian or Magnolia) they help with that litter box smell, smelly farty stuff left in bathroom, and trash getting overpowering. I love these sprays and I highly recommend them.
SO there you go. My top 5 things to buy at Dollar Tree. I also recommend if your Dollar Tree has a frozen section checking out the Tony's pizzas in Deluxe and Combination, the shoestring fries, the cream cheese peppers, and also their orange and/or raspberry sherberts. All of these are great buys. I absolutely adore them. Erin can vouch for all the sourdough pretzel nuggets cause he loves those.
If you try anything I've mentioned, let me know what you think. Drop me an email or comment below and tell me your thoughts, I'm dying to know.