plz help


Hello. My name is Martha and I am a 39 year old disabled (due to heart failure & other medical problems) female. My significant other is also in his 30's and his name is Erin Kinsella. In the span of less than a year apart, Erin lost both legs to diabeties.

We are trying to get Erin on disability but sadly he was denied. It is a LONG and drawn out process that will take WELL over a year before he gets a hearing and a few months after that before he actually recieves the disability income. We get by with my small disability check (which pays for rent, some of the lights, water, and a few essentials). We also get food stamps that cover all our food needs.

Sadly... like my Mom used to say, "if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all"... we have ran into some trouble. We are trying to seek help for MOST of it through a social service... but they can't do EVERYTHING.

On top of that... my OVEN went out. Most of the cooking I do is in the oven because baking is always better than frying. I have a working stove top (for now) but I desperately need an OVEN. We would love if someone could please donate enough money for us to get one... or you can purchase the one we need (it's a countertop small oven but big enough to cook casseroles and pizzas in which is our favorites) from Amazon.com by going to http://a.co/b4ww2RZ

We hate asking for help but we both realize sometimes in life you have to reach out for a helping hand because it takes time for life to work itself out. We appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank you so very much.