Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Frights

Welcome to the first EVER Friday Frights.


So I wonder what Friday Frights was going to be about and I think I am going to use it to express what scares me. So to kick this sucker off right let's start with what I am scared of...


Yea, I am scared of spiders. I won't post a picture even because they freak me the FUCK out. Sorry.

I have a legitimate reason why. I was a child, around age 6 or 7 and I climbed the Cherry Tree in my grandmother's front yard. Hundreds of spiders fell on me, I was bit multiple times and for a long time it still felt as if the spiders were still on me.

After that, I was playing in the yard near my swing set at our old house and when I came inside Mom noticed something different on my skin... I was covered in baby ticks. She had to pick them out with tweezers. It was very painful.

So as you can see I do have a very VALID reason not to like arachnids. I do, however, love scorpions which I really don't consider arachnids but science does... I was born under the sign of the scorpion so I couldn't hate my own kind (lol).

TA-DA, the first ever Friday Frights. Hope you enjoyed it. What are YOU scared of? Feel free to leave a comment and talk about it here.

Till next time...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thirsty Thursday

Welcome to the first EVER THIRSTY THURSDAY!!!!

Every Thursday I will post a HOTTIE... this is a person I think is hot and I will explain why in DETAIL. Feel free to comment your thoughts on my choices and also comment with your own if you so wish.

This Thursday we start things off with someone who has been on my mind ALL WEEK LONG...


They call him the Lunatic Fringe. Dean Ambrose made quite a splash as a member of the Shield in 2013 when they came to RAW with one purpose... JUSTICE. Soon Dean Ambrose held the United States Championship and it looked DAMN good around his waist.
After his teammate Seth Rollins betrayed Dean and his other teammate Roman Reigns, the Shield broke apart and that left Dean Ambrose to begin his singles wrestling career ... one that has included great matches between him and Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and even John Cena.

Dean Ambrose is of a different breed that is for certain. He is unique and fun to watch. Yea I know a lot of you out there say "wrestling is fake" (Damn you I know that but it is something I've watched all my life so I take great offence to that sad statement being thrown at me for over 30 years... there are SOME aspects that are real but that is for another time) but the way Dean Ambrose comes out and puts himself on the line... he is a great performer... and there is no doubt about that.

Dean Ambrose has it all, the looks... the moves... and even his personality makes you like him. That is why today and for my FIRST Thirsty Thursday I salute the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. Dean, keep wearing those wife beaters, tight jeans, and making those cute faces... it's why you are one of my favorites. I am HAPPILY a member of the Ambrose Asylum... and I don't EVER wanna check out.

See you next Thursday.. Stay Thirsty!

Martha's 31 days of Horror - Movie Review: Stonehearst Asylum

So I really thought it was gonna be more supernatural than what it was. Bummer.
However, the story itself could be considered horror depending on the way you look at it.
It has an all star cast, Ben Kingsley, Kate Beckinsale, David Thewlis, Michael Caine...
The story starts when we see Kate's character being examined in front of a class. She begs for help. No help comes. Next we see a young doctor arriving at Stonehearst Asylum to get hands on experience. He's greeted by David Thewlis' character and then introduced to Ben Kingsley's character and they begin a tour of the asylum where the young doctor sees Kate's character and is entranced by her.
If I give away too much you won't enjoy the movie. Let's just say this... The thing to remember going into this movie is that no one is what they seem. You have to put the pieces of this puzzle together yourself. Who is real who is sincere, who is a lunatic, who is sane?

Overall, this movie isn't scary it's more of a thriller and mystery than a horror but it is a unique look into the workings of a lunatic mind and the asylum lifestyle. The cast was delightful and it was a great story told by actors who showed lots of depth to their characters.
4 out of 5 Bloody Eyeballs

Do places like Asylums actually help their patients or do you think they hurt them more than help?
Both hurt and help
I have no idea
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wicked Wednesday


Every Wednesday I will post something that I usually don't... it could be personal, it could be just abstract but it will always be of a WICKED nature.

I will start this Wicked Wednesday off with a small post... and a confession: I HATE to see animals HURT in horror. There I said it. It irks me to NO end. I don't mind horror movies about animals but when a teen brutalizes a cat they are the first I want to see DIE a HORRIBLE, PAINFUL, TORTUROUS death.

See you next Wednesday...

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Reviews: Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones

The Paranormal Activity movies confuse me a little. Shot like "home videos" which in my opinion is getting a little boring cause the horror genre is MILKING that way too much, Paranormal Activity movies seem to all link together in one way or another.
In this movie we follow a high school graduate as he's messing around and doing crazy stuff. Then crazy stuff starts happening to him.
He sees these 2 creepy girls from the previous movies...
After running into them the story switches from his point of view to his friends who is being the cameraman. This dude, along with a girl who is also their friend, try to help the main guy who is now acting strange.
I don't like to spoil stuff but he ends up like this...

We see this freaky bitch coming at us at the end over and over and over... until the dude (friend of the main dude pictured above) takes a door and it takes us back to this bitch from the first movie...
Yea, totally what the fuck... I was lost but then I started thinking about it and the signs are all obvious. In other words you HAVE TO see Paranormal Activity 1-4 before you attempt to watch THE MARKED ONES or you will be totally fucking lost. So I hope you've watched them or have enough time to invest in a Paranormal Activity Marathon because that's what it's gonna take to actually UNDERSTAND (if you EVER understand) these movies.
The series as a whole is enjoyable.
The Marked Ones is one of the better of the series.
4 out of 5 bloody eyeballs

Have you ever encountered a ghost/spirit?
Yes many times
Yes once
I don't know/Unsure
No but I'd like to
No such things are not real
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Dollar Tree Cat Collar Incident

So, me trying to be cheap cause cat collars are $3 each and when you have 10 cats.... WOW... anyway, I decided to purchase 3 cat collars from the Dollar Tree. Usually things I buy from there I trust, they've never done me wrong.

However, this time... the collars... they made my cats itch and itch till they bled, and even lost fur.

Here are 2 pictures of one of the colors stained with blood.

And here is one of my cats, JELLYBEAN, who lost fur and has bad scabs from where she scratched due to the collar.

I wrote an email to the Dollar Tree...
I recently purchased several cat collars from the Saraland, Alabama Dollar Tree. My cats began to break out and scratch until they were bloody then their fur started to fall out. I have photos up on my facebook of the collar and one of my cats who suffered the most. I am appalled at this and what it did to my sweet little kitties.
I sent that today at 9pm and we shall see if Dollar Tree replies and what they say. If nothing else, I just want them to be aware so they can prevent other animals from suffering as well. My cats are ok. I put cream on them, took the collars off, and gave them lots of lovings. All should be well and most of the areas are healing perfectly. It just takes time.
Hopefully Dollar Tree does the RIGHT thing, but I won't hold my breath.

Terror Tuesdays

Welcome to the first ever TERROR TUESDAY!

Every Tuesday I will be talking about various horror subjects that COULD actually exist in the REAL WORLD and how the world sees this topic.

Since I am just now setting this up we will really kick off Terror Tuesdays next week. What would you like to see? I am open to suggestions. Leave a comment! I am interested in what you have to say.

Until next Tuesday...

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Would you Rather?

Right off... you know Jeffery Combs is gonna be involved there is a 99.9% chance he is the bad guy and guess what... HE IS. Here he plays a wealthy man setting up "games" to "help" less fortunate people. All they have to do is win the game... but the game isn't all it's cracked up to be.
And you know with Jeffery Combs hosting... the people he's setting up... yea, their fucked.

Once all the people find out what is REALLY going on... there is no way out... and they start dropping like flies. The game becomes more intense as each person takes their turn.

I won't spoil who does what, who dies or in what order but I will say this... it's a hell of a game and it leaves you wondering what you'd do for the what Jeffery Combs' character is offering.
Oh and by the way ROBIN LORD TAYLOR is in it... yea, the dude who plays Penguin in GOTHAM! It's a bit part but he is superb as always.

4 out of 5 bloody eyeballs


If you were invited to a party which ended up being a game, what would you do for that grand prize (the prize being never have to worry financially again)?
Anything and Everything there is no limits to what I would do
Play but I wouldn't hurt anyone
I would refuse to participate in this game
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Monster Mayhem


It begins...

So I am always wanting to do a THEMED Blog... so I had the idea to theme all days of the week and try to blog at least once a day in that theme. This is the theme for MONDAY. YAY!

I just really wanted to start a place holder so next week I PROMISE to have more content on MONDAY MONSTER MAYHEM.

Till then...

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Neverlake

Well I had low expectations going in. It wasn't the movie I thought it was but it wasn't at all bad.
Neverlake is a movie about a girl named Jenny who has been away at boarding school and is now coming to stay with her Dad who was once a doctor now quit that and is doing research on the myth of the lake near his residence which is said to have strange powers from Etruscan spirits, who EVENTUALLY ask her to help return their stolen artifacts.
The lake is creepy to say the least and Jenny meets this group of children living in a hospital or orphanage near the lake as well. They are very sick, some in wheelchairs, and blind.
If I say too much it will give the movie away. It's a twisted tale that has a surprising ending...
worth seeing at least once. Not really scary but for those of us craving the abnormal and the scary, this is extremely tame regardless of what the poster shows.
I was hoping for a haunted lake story... which is what it comes off as. While those spirits play some minor part in it, the real story is with the girl and her family. With that said, not what I imagined or wanted but worth seeing at least one time.
3 out of 5 bloody eyeballs

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There is no proof either way.
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Martha's 31 Days of Horror - Movie Review: Hatchet 3

I absolutely LOVE the Hatchet series. I had been putting off the third installment due to me being busy playing Elder Scrolls Online or blogging always finding excuses not to Netflix and watch it. Well NO MORE EXCUSES thanks to 31 Days of Horror and BOY am I SORRY I hadn't watched sooner.
Danielle Harris is back. She has to be one of my favorite scream queens of all time now. She just knows how to hold herself, deliver her lines, and look the part ALL OF THE TIME. Spot on Danielle. I absolutely adored her in this installment. The bad ass lone survivor of the last movie who now is SUSPECT in killing EVERYONE Crowley did cause lets face it, the cops aren't gonna believe a chick covered in blood, carrying a gun, and holding someone's scalp in her hand saying "I KILLED HIM" that the person responsible is a local urban legend named Victor Crowley.
Yes Crowley survives and in this movie we find out why he can take a beating or a bullet to the face and still come back WHOLE and kick everyone's ass. I won't spoil that for you. But you NEED to pay ATTENTION to the movie so you know WHY and HOW he returns. It won't be hard to unless you are a total freaking MORON who just let's things go way over your head. I love how the explained it and I have to give KUDOS to the writers for coming up with that one.
What I really love is KANE HODDER (who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th parts 7 - 10) facing off against DEREK MEARS (who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th 2009 Remake). It's just a cool moment of two former Jason's brawling. Awesome moment.
Hatchet NEVER fails to deliver in any aspect. It's been a great series and has had some of the best moments that I can recall in horror movies as of late. I recommend you pick up all 3 movies ... and don't be afraid of the 2 sequels. In this instance, the 2 sequels just make the series all the better. 


5 out of 5 Bloody Eyeballs

Who would win in a fight between Victor Crowley and Jason Voorhees?


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