Tuesday, November 24, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #24

For those of you who DID NOT witness the greatness that was Undertaker at Survivor Series 2015... please know that ... YOU MISSED OUT. Yes. One of the greatest entrances ever... it celebrated ALL aspects of the Undertaker from 1990 to now. The match might not have been the greatest but it ended with Taker pinning Luke Harper for him and his brother Kane to get the win proving ONCE AND FOR ALL THERE IS ONLY ONE LORD OF DARKNESS THAT RULES THE WWE.
I was so proud. Way to go UNDERTAKER.

21 Days of Gratitude DAY ONE

I guess I have enough of time now... I used to not have time in my younger years due to all the stuff I did with Music. When I was married to my ex I didn't have time because he sucked it all up. Now... I have lots of time to just be with myself and discover things about myself. I may not have much in life but I what I have is time and an abundance of it. Yet sometimes I do feel as if I don't have enough but doesn't everyone? I mean, we do things and more things then look back on the day and say... "HEY I wish I could have done more?!?!" but I guess that's not the point in this challenge.
I have so many idea so much I want to do but I am limited with funds. I guess that isn't the point of this challenge either. *shakes head* I don't know. I am trying here. I... *sigh* ok.

Monday, November 23, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #23

so wwe made a huge spread of 25 of the Undertaker's BEST moments....

check them out at ... http://www.wwe.com/inside/top-25-undertaker-moments

Sunday, November 22, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #22

Dream Matches I'd love to see Undertaker in...
Undertaker vs Sting
This is the fight everyone (INCLUDING Sting himself) wants to happen. Sting was loyal to WCW, Taker was loyal to WWE... what would happen if the two guys who pretty much were staples of the Attitude Era clashed? Sting was a mysterious figure, Undertaker is the Phenom... it'd be a fight to  remember and one of the most iconic that's for sure.
Baron Corbin vs The Undertaker
I know this would NEVER happen. Taker won't go back to the BAD ASS days which is fine but wouldn't it have been cool if Bad Ass Taker could face NXT upstart Baron Corbin? Both enter on a bike, both intimidating ... the LAST RIDE vs THE END OF DAYS. What a battle.
The Undertaker vs Finn Balor (as the Demon)
Lately (since becoming NXT champion) Finn hasn't called on his DEMON persona but wouldn't it be cool if Finn as his DEMON self would face off against the Phenom himself? It would be enthralling. The entrances themselves would be a battle... then the match. WOW.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Between memories and loss... Holidays SUCK!

This time of year is ALWAYS hard on me. Thanksgiving was always Mom's speciality. Then she'd decorate with bunches of lights for Christmas. It's hard to know I don't have any of that anymore... thanks to cancer.
What hurts worse I think than anything is the remainder of the BLOOD relatives I have left want nothing to do with me. Why? Well, I honestly don't know. I didn't do anything to them yet I am shunned. One side even went as far as to label me the BLACK SHEEP. Well I'd rather be a black sheep than follow a flock of mindless lambs to the slaughter.
So yea, the Anniversary of Dad's death (2 years) is on the 22nd of December. The 18th anniversary of the loss of my child Natasha is on the 23rd of December. Plus looking at decorations and such remind me of how much MOM loved Christmas. It's a sad time of year for someone with no family.

25 Years of the Undertaker #21

The Undertaker has always made quite the impressive entrance from his debut at Survivor Series in 1990 up till now. The Phenom is KNOWN for his spectacular ring entrances... What a lot of people may NOT know are the songs that Taker marches to.
"Funeral March" by Jim Johnston
(November 19, 1990 – January 22, 1994)
"Graveyard Symphony" by Jim Johnston
(November 19, 1995 – July 20, 1998; January 11, 1999 – March 22, 1999)
"The Darkest Side" by Jim Johnston
(July 26, 1998 – December 13, 1998)
"Ministry" by Jim Johnston
(March 28, 1999 – September 23, 1999)
"American Bad Ass" by Kid Rock
(May 21, 2000 – December 4, 2000)
"Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" by Limp Bizkit
(December 10, 2000 – May 6, 2002; March 30, 2003)
"Dead Man Walking" by Jim Johnston
(May 19, 2002 – September 19, 2002)
"You're Gonna Pay" by Jim Johnston
(September 22, 2002 – November 16, 2003)
"Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down)" by Johnny Cash
(March 7, 2011 – April 3, 2011)
"Rest in Peace" by Jim Johnston
(March 14, 2004 – February 21, 2011; January 30, 2012 – present)
A great YouTuber put together a KICK ASS Playlist of all the Undertaker's Themes and other songs used in promos and other various things Taker has done... please check it out at...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Martha's Predictions Survivor Series 2015

It's that time of year again. Wow. A year flies by SO SO fast ...
Here are this years matches for SURVIVOR SERIES
First off I hear a rumor that there WILL be a traditional Survivor Series match (there for a minute I almost thought WWE forgot what SURVIVOR SERIES meant) but there is no word as to WHO will be in this match. Stay tuned here and if I find out BEFORE the PPV I WILL post it.
This is awesome. You've got one of the BEST wrestlers on our roster to date, Ziggler, vs a great up and comer from NXT Tyler Breeze. Breeze is very good and it's really awesome to see him on his FIRST EVER PPV for WWE. He's shown how good he is now can Prince Pretty stop the Show Off? Before Breeze came to the main roster I said one of my dream matches was to have Breeze vs Ziggler vs Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Well this is 2/3 of that so I am pleased. I think the King of Cuteville has a lot going for him... if only he'd ditch that bad luggage called SUMMER RAE... until then... well... it's really hard to take him seriously. I want to cause I love Breeze. Hopefully, Summer will go away ... SOON. MY PREDICTION: Tyler Breeze
Honestly this isn't even one I care about. Why? I am done with Paige. I honestly dislike her in every single way. She is NOT a nice person, she is just... I don't know. I wanted to like her when she entered but now... I just want her to job her way out. I am tired of hearing her scream "THIS IS MY HOUSE" and act like she's all that. Charlotte is a great wrestler and I am hoping the WWE puts someone up against her soon that can show how GREAT these upcoming women from NXT truly are. MY PREDICTION: Charlotte to retain
(Kane & The Undertaker)
(Bray's choice could be a combination of any of the 4:
Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Stroman, or himself...
Bray Wyatt)

Bray Wyatt thinks he stole something from Undertaker and Kane. What he doesn't get is that he took nothing that the Deadman and the Devil's favorite Demon didn't just let him have... they let him have a little taste of the power of the Darkness. Now, the Brothers of Destruction are coming to claim what was taken and to finally put an end to whichever 2 of the Wyatt Family Bray sacrifices. After that... I am sure Taker and Kane will finish off the remainders ... and NONE of the Wyatt Family will ever know what hit them. Your powers are not the same as Taker and Kane's, Bray Wyatt. You don't know TRUE DARKNESS till you've walked with the Brothers of Destruction. 25 years The Undertaker has reigned... LONG LIVE THE LORD OF DARKNESS. MY PREDICTION: Brothers of Destruction
We are down to the SEMI FINALS for the vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
In the first round, Reigns def. Show, Cesaro def. Sheamus, Del Rio def. Stardust, Kalisto def. Ryback (how I don't know but wow), Owens def. O'Neil, Neville def. Barrett, Ziggler def. The Miz, and Ambrose def. Breeze.
In the second round, Reigns def, Cesaro, Del Rio def. Kalisto, Owens def. Neville, Ambrose def. Ziggler.
So that catches us all up to what will NOW take place at Survivor Series...

Del Rio has come back with a BANG. He's been on a roll since he stepped back into the WWE and I am glad for him. I was glad to see him back but if he thinks he can defeat Roman Reigns, I have to laugh. Reigns is a powerhouse. I don't think I've ever seen Del Rio face someone quite like Roman. MY PREDICTION: Roman Reigns

Kevin Owens is cocky. It was hard to like him as NXT Champion. It was hard to like Owens when he came over to the main roster and did all his mouthing off. But now... now, Owens is growing on me. I find his little backstage interviews amusing. Some of his interviews like on MIZ TV on Smackdown are funny. However, when it comes to this match... he has NOTHING on Ambrose. Ambrose will do whatever it takes to become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It is going to be a HELL of a battle. One that could be MATCH OF THE NIGHT. MY PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose.

Now depending on who wins the 2 semi final matches... this could go anyway. It could be


Those are the 4 possible outcomes. So let's talk about each one...

DEL RIO VS OWENS in this case I don't see Del Rio surviving the beast that is Kevin Owens. Del Rio is a good wrestler, don't get me wrong, but with the agility and power that Owens shows I don't think this would work out in Del Rio's favor. MY PREDICTION: Owens

DEL RIO VS AMBROSE in this situation again, I am sorry Alberto, I just don't see Del Rio coming out on top against someone as determined as Dean Ambrose. Dean will sacrifice his entire body by any means to obtain his goal, don't think Del Rio is up to do the same. MY PREDICTION: Ambrose

REIGNS VS OWENS now this one would be good. 2 powerful guys just letting loose on one another. It would be a great fight. However, Owens will be winded cause I will guarantee Ambrose will have given him a run for his money in the semi-finals. This would be a hard one to call. MY PREDICTION: Reigns

AMBROSE VS REIGNS the 2 brothers... the 2 remaining members of The Shield... this would be a little heartbreaking but I think it will probably come down to this. If it does, I know both will fight till they can't fight anymore. MY PREDICTION: Ambrose

Don't forget that at anytime any superstar could come screw up the matches and also that SHEAMUS has that damned MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE and could cash in when he knows who the new champ is... so the outcomes to this are really unpredictable.

What I hope to see is DEAN AMBROSE as the new WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. I don't think the Universe wants Reigns... I think they want Ambrose. Now in an interview last week with Michael Cole on WWE's YouTube Channel, Triple H said he would like so see someone step up and take what he offered Roman Reigns (Reigns turned it down). The way Triple H worded it sounded a little like Dean could screw over Reigns or vice versa.

All I know is this is going to be one of the most interesting WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP matches that I can EVER remember. I am excited.


what I AM upset with WWE over is 4 things...

#1 Traditional Survivor Series matches.... and the LACK of them. Come on WWE ... we can have a couple. Hell, do one on PRE-SHOW and one on the actual PPV. It's not like we don't have the guys backstage.

#2 The IC and US Championships are too busy being in the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP match to be defended. Ugh. Don't make a habit of this WWE cause it makes the titles look less important.

#3 Lack of matches PERIOD. Come on... gotta have MORE matches. I don't care if it's Stardust vs Barrett... or Neville vs Kalisto... or anyone vs anyone. Give me a HUGE card WWE. I miss those.

#4 It feels less driven. Minus the Brothers of Destruction vs Wyatt Family and the chaos over the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP... there is hardly any stories worth a damn. Has creative taken a break? Do you need new writers WWE? If so I volunteer. I could write you some KICK ASS storylines and you'd love 'em. Hit me up WWE. *WINK WINK*

Anyway, Sunday will prove to be a really great Survivor Series regardless of my little peeves.


See you Sunday!

25 Years of the Undertaker #20

One of the most amusing Promos
Taker ever did was the one below.
Taker admitting he gets happy fighting
along side Kane... and with Kane.
Jericho claiming to be the "PHENOM".
Awesome moments.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #19

One of my favorite Mind Games the Undertaker
ever played was on ... MR. KENNEDY
Smackdown November of 2006...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #18

The Last Ride.
Old School.
Hell's Gate.
Choke slam.
The Tombstone.
The Undertaker has an arsenal
unlike any other in WWE history.
Witness the Deadman perform some of his GREATEST moves...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #17

25 Years.
A long time to reign as the Lord of Darkness.
Here are 25 Numbers that define
Undertaker over his 25 year career.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Who will be WWE Champion?

My money is on Ambrose. LOL. Go Lunatic Fringe GO!


The WWE Network will have a WEEK of Undertaker to honor the Deadman for 25 years.
Come join us... here's the schedule...

25 Years of the Undertaker #15

Martha's Top 5 Undertaker Matches

These are MY favorite Undertaker Matches of ALL TIME!

1. Kane VS Undertaker first time
Why this is #1 for me. Nothing pulled at my heartstrings than the lead up to this first encounter. Nothing meant more than Undertaker defeating his baby brother Kane... nothing was more enthralling than the story between these two.

2. Undertaker vs Triple H WM28
The lead up to this match... Undertaker won against Triple H at WM27 but Taker didn't walk out he was helped out and he didn't LIKE that. He wanted another go and Triple H said NO. Taker kept on and on for months until Triple H finally agreed. What happened was one of the BEST matches featuring these two in history.

3. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels WM25
This match actually WON match of the year at the Slammys. No one can put on a show like Taker and Shawn. They would revisit this match at WM26 but it wasn't as good as the first time.

4. Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan for Championship
This is important to me because for so long I wanted to see Hogan DEFEATED, knocked off his high horse, and put down. Who else better than the Deadman. He only debuted a year from the time he won this championship but it didn't matter. The Undertaker made a name for himself... and that was a name to be FEARED!

5. Undertaker vs Kane WM20
Kane thought he had buried the Undertaker FOREVER... nope. Wrong. The reaction as Kane sees Taker walking to the ring "YOU'RE NOT REAL", priceless.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #14

The WWE came up with an AWESOME playlist of WWE Superstars Undertaker has "scared" also known as playing "MIND GAMES"... there are 9 videos in the playlist each being about 2 to 4 minutes in length ... See the Undertaker scare Superstars like Randy Orton, Diesel, Kane, and many more. If there was ever a master of mind games, The Undertaker rules that without a doubt...


Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday Madness

2 new kittens brings up my cat count to 16 inside and 2 outside. Lord mercy... when did I become the crazy cat lady? Erin answered and said "AT BIRTH" LOL.
Taco Bell the nacho cheese you use... I LOVE LOVE LOVE
So I agreed to Thanksgiving at Erin's family's house.
FALLOUT 4 is AWESOME! I am enjoying playing.
Yea so I mentioned Bama had 2 kittens. She actually had 4. One died during birth another half a day later. At least this time Bama didn't have another Cyclops kitten or one with half the brain hanging out like last time.
Echo... quit biting me ALL THE TIME. Crazy kitten.
I have to stop all this drinking of COLA... right after these 100 Dr. Peppers.
Getting cooler out. I will NOT complain about the cool. I swore this summer I would not after all the fucking heat so now I have to keep my mouth shut or get called out on it.
Dear neighbor. Sitting in your car honking your horn for fun is FUCKING ANNOYING. You do nothing but annoy from your asking for cigerettes, the attack pit bull you have, to this honking of horns. Don't make Martha go evil on your ass cause if I go there... there's no coming back. Seriously. CHILL!
Microsoft dropped the ball on Backwards compatibility at the launch of it this week.
New dashboard on the Xbox One... killer. I like the layout. Time to play find the things you love because this shit comes with NO MANUAL.
I love how people promise they'll do something for you and don't. In case you didn't hear it ... I was being sarcastic.
Also love how someone says "I'll pay you the money I owe you on such and such day" then never shows or calls.
Ok eyeglasses. I will go to the eye dr. Monday... you win.

25 Years of the Undertaker #13

The Undertaker makes a RARE appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon...

That's Brad Maddox dressed as the turkey. Poor Brad.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

25 Years of the Undertaker #12

When Paul Bearer came and said some things about the Undertaker and his family... Undertaker cut the BEST PROMO ever... one that haunts me to this day. Undertaker showed his depth, his heart, and bared his soul.

Witness this greatness... RARELY acknowledged...

Me vs Deathclaw

So yea, I've been away from the blog since the release of Fallout 4. Still hammering away. I thought I'd share this... it's my first encounter with a DEATHCLAW. Yea, the dreaded and feared baddie of the Fallout series and this was only in the first 30 or 40 minutes of gameplay..


I won but sadly, I didn't capture that part. I no longer fear Deathclaws. Now my character carries their hands around as trophies.